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Forrest Brown

Vice President of Client Services

As the Vice President of Client Services at Germfree, Forrest brings a wealth of experience and a strategic mindset to ensure our customers get the comprehensive support and service they need. Forrest and his team hold a client-centric philosophy, grounded in a deep understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations of each partner. They are devoted to fostering collaborative relationships that drive collective success and contribute to the overarching goal of advancing global health.

Prior to joining Germfree, Forrest has been a trailblazer in the CGMP facilities landscape, dedicating the bulk of his career to launching innovative and cutting-edge facilities. In his most recent role, Forrest served as the Director of Facilities and Engineering for ReciBioPharm, a Global Advanced Therapies CDMO, where his strategic leadership contributed to the conversion of a brownfield site into an operational CGMP facility. Prior to that, Forrest held the role of Engineering Services Manager at Sequence, a renowned consultancy specializing in the commissioning and qualification of CGMP facilities, equipment and utilities. During his time at Sequence, Forrest was privileged to serve many different clients in the biopharma space, all while opening a new regional office and building a strong team of 40 experts in the New England area.

Outside of Germfree, Forrest has a passion for spending time with family and friends. He is an avid fisherman, but loves almost any outdoor activity where he can decompress and spend time with loved ones. He is happily married to his wife, Emily and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Biomedical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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