Germfree C-130 Capable Truck Lab TN

Fast International Deployment of Analytical and Bio-Containment Labs

Germfree’s Air-Transportable Mobile Labs provide ultimate flexibility combined with maximum capacity. We offer both truck and container labs that can be loaded onto C-130 cargo planes or similar air transport and airlifted to remote locations.

Military and governmental organizations are increasingly challenged to enhance their readiness-response capabilities for natural disasters, outbreaks, environmental accidents or counter-terrorism. These operations may require the quick transport of larger capacity equipment. In some national and international operations, airlifting the laboratory on cargo transport aircraft is the most robust approach. Germfree has developed several approaches that meet the rigorous demands of a laboratory airlift.

Analytical/Chem Labs

Germfree’s mobile laboratories are ideal for a range of environmental assessment and monitoring operations as well as analytical testing for mining, petroleum, industrial and specialty applications. Please read more about our Analytical Laboratories.

Fully Functioning Containment Labs at the Ready for Airlifting to the Incident Location

Germfree’s Air-Transportable Mobile Labs are complete functioning units and include on-board generators, HVAC systems and the primary containment equipment. The lab itself is considered secondary containment. These units feature slide-outs to maximize lab space once in place. They can also be set up to serve the home base when not deployed providing surge capacity or for use in training programs.

Our Mid-size Truck Labs are designed to maximize available space while providing all essential biological safety / primary containment equipment. These rugged units meet the dimensional and weight requirements for air transport.

Germfree C-130 Capable LabGermfree C130 Transportable InteriorGermfree C-130 Capable 2Germfree Mobile Container Lab Interior C1
Our Mobile Container Labs offer a stand-up biosafety lab interior constructed within a shipping container. These units feature retractable wheels that allow the complete frame of the trailer to mount securely to the deck of the aircraft. The retractable wheels allow for loading and unloading without additional ramp-handling equipment. Our 20 foot (6M) Mobile Container Lab is ideal if other modalities of international transport will be routinely required (after initial delivery by Germfree), namely containerized transport by sea, rail and truck. Once deployed, these units can easily be pulled as a trailer locally or for re-deployment, overland, to other sites.

Read more about why Germfree is uniquely qualified to build Mobile Laboratories.

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CONTAINMENT FOR BSL-3 OPERATIONS: Germfree provides the primary and secondary containment systems critical for a BSL-3 (P3) Mobile Laboratory. Our engineers work with you to design, manufacture and integrate all of the primary containment enclosures required for your project (Biological Safety Cabinets: Class II and Class III BSC) as well the secondary containment configuration for the BSL-3 /P3 laboratory. Because the laboratory is custom-designed by Germfree, the possibilities for equipment integration to meet specific and diverse challenges are nearly limitless. As your single-source provider, we eliminate the need for numerous subcontractors.

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