Rapid delivery,
Complete coverage

The system provides long air throws at a high velocity above the breathing zone, assuring effective dispersion and immediate clean air mixing to the entire airspace.

Long Air Throws

High velocity air throws above the occupied breathing zone provide mixing of clean air covering a long range.

Clean Air

Scientifically proven filtration methodologies provide clean air in occupied spaces. No chemicals, ionization or ozone.

Total Coverage

AirV2 thoroughly mixes and circulates clean air within the space, providing superior risk reduction for large areas.


Meeting the Challenge of Clean Air Dispersion in Commercial Spaces

Germfree Labs created AirV2™ to solve the key constraints of using air cleaning devices in commercial spaces. AirV2™ is the first air filtration system that rapidly delivers clean air while providing complete coverage for large indoor spaces. The system provides long air throws at a high velocity above the breathing zone, assuring effective dispersion and immediate clean air mixing to the entire airspace.

Traditional Air Delivery

Effective dispersion is critical when filtering air in large, high occupancy spaces. The clean air output of a filtration device must provide optimal distribution and coverage to all occupants. Without proper circulation and mixing, the positive impact of an air filtration machine is very limited. Effective clean air dispersion is a significant challenge for commercial and institutional spaces. AirV2 solves these challenges with its high capacity, directional dispersion system, providing continuous clean air to the entire space.


Harvard School of Public Health

"Portable air cleaners vary in their ability to circulate air in the room, so not all devices with the same CADR rating are equivalent. Devices that provide better mixing of the indoor air can capture particles from more of the room’s airspace and are therefore preferred. Because potential viral sources could be in various locations within a room"

Germfree's Development of AirV2

Germfree is a US manufacturer of biocontainment laboratories and other critical environments. Established in 1962, our facilities and equipment are deployed in major healthcare systems, universities and the biotech sector, with clients ranging from the NIH to NASA. In January 2020, a Germfree-built, high containment laboratory in Singapore was the first in the region to isolate SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Early in the pandemic, we conducted a comprehensive risk assessment of our facilities and onsite workforce. We initiated the recommended protocols to keep our people safe. However, our site analysis indicated that an added layer of protection was needed for some indoor spaces, primarily the open office areas and conference rooms. We determined that by adding air filtration units, we could further reduce the risk of airborne transmission of the coronavirus.

Germfree’s products are geared for complex, critical or controlled environments. We looked for a ‘right-fit’ commercial air filtration system designed for large office areas. None of the off-the-shelf machines met our requirements. Germfree’s biosafety engineers and R&D team applied their expertise to create AirV2.

Effective Clear Air

AirV2 rapidly delivers clean air to large indoor spaces. Filtered air is delivered at a high velocity over the breathing zone of occupants


Quiet Operation Modes, ideal for office or educational environments, operate at 40 dB – 50 dB

Plug n Play

Self-contained units are easily installed, seamlessly fit interior spaces and complement existing HVAC


The AirV2 captures droplets and droplet nuclei that carry viral airborne pathogens, without using chemicals, ionization, or Ozone.

Rapid Air Change

20′ x 18′ Conference Room:
1 air change < 5 minutes

Long-term Prevention Strategy

Provides filtration for other infectious airborne contagions, including influenza (flu)

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It is the dedication of the Germfree team that enables rapid deployment of critical infrastructure both to cutting edge research facilities and the front lines of global health security