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Operator working in a cGMP mobile cleanroom.

Cleanroom suppliers for unique applications & industries

critical applications are served globally by our industry-leading cleanroom environments and equipment.
square foot facility houses all of Germfree’s leading-edge fabrication technologies, engineering teams and subject matter experts under one roof in the US.
years of unlocking the scientific potential of the life sciences. We have introduced new products to new industries, redrawn standards of care, and set the course of the future of biocontainment and research.

Unlocking your scientific potential with a variety of applications and industries

Germfree Laboratories serves a diverse range of industries and applications where maintaining a sterile and controlled environment is critical. We design and manufacture facilities and equipment for the biopharma, healthcare, and biocontainment industries. In the biopharma sector, our cleanrooms and associated equipment cater to aseptic filling, cell and gene therapy, monoclonal antibody production, vaccines, and viral vectors. Our biocontainment applications cover biosafety and biosecurity, biomedical and infectious disease research, as well as disease surveillance and control. In the healthcare domain, we deliver USP <797>/<800> compliant hospital pharmacy, radiopharmacy, and 503a/503b outsourcing facilities, along with the primary engineering controls necessary to safeguard drug quality.

DNA icon Biopharma

Mobile and Modular Cleanrooms for vaccines to cell and gene therapies

If you are working in biopharma applications like vaccine research and production or cutting-edge cell and gene therapy processes, Germfree can design and build your optimal biopharma facility. Our bioGO® Mobile and Modular Cleanroom facilities, along with our extensive equipment range, are constructed offsite and ready for your process. Quality control and commissioning, and qualification and validation (CQV) stages are integral to our design and build processes, ensuring compliance of your facility and operations to globally recognized standards.

Our biopharma solutions
  • Solve any complex process with custom facilities and equipment.
  • A comprehensive user requirements document sets the basis of design to cater to your specific process.
  • Mobile and modular facility designs can be configured to serve virtually any application and process.
  • Mobile and modular facilities and equipment are factory acceptance tested (FAT) before shipping, speeding up Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and commissioning and qualification.
  • Comprehensive services include 24/7 service and support, remote monitoring, and preventative maintenance.
Biocontainment icon Biocontainment

Mobile and Modular Laboratories to cope with the next pandemic

Disease response & surveillance and biosecurity are our expertise. Germfree high-containment laboratories and equipment meet or surpass CDC-NIH BMBL, WHO, CA, EU, GB, AU/NZ, and SG safety guidelines. From customized biocontainment facilities to specialized laboratory equipment, we’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that protect your team and the environment.

Our biocontainment solutions
  • BSL2, ABSL2+, BSL3, ABSL3+ and BSL4 cleanroom expertise.
  • We cover all standard and custom primary biocontainment equipment for a variety of applications.
  • A single point of contact manages your project from ideation to commissioning and turnover.
  • Fully compliant solutions that meet BMBL requirements.
Healthcare icon Healthcare

Mobile and Modular Pharmacies for pharmacy compounding

Modular and mobile cleanrooms with advanced laminar flow equipment are specifically designed as Mobile Compounding Pharmacies to protect immunocompromised out-patients from contamination and infections from the hospital. Innovative Biosafety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Equipment and Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators ensure the highest safety and efficacy. With a comprehensive suite of services that encompass design, commissioning, qualification, and long-term preventative maintenance, Germfree is committed to supporting the entire lifecycle of your pharmacy compounding facility.

Our healthcare solutions
  • We supply hazardous or non-hazardous compounding pharmacies, and institution research facilities, meeting all public health demands.
  • Reliable and rapidly deployable USP <797>/<800> swing or surge space.
  • 24/7/365 service keeps your operation online and supplies key maintenance components like HEPA-filters and gloves as and when you need them.
  • Germfree’s flexible financial model accommodates capital purchase or leasing of a compliant, turnkey facility covering all service and maintenance.

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