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Applications for cleanrooms

Empowering your process with solutions for biocontainment, biopharma, and healthcare.

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60 years of application of cleanrooms to specific solutions

Germfree specializes in providing solutions for applications across the biocontainment, biopharma, and healthcare industries. In the biopharma sector, our cleanrooms and associated equipment cater to aseptic filling, cell and gene therapy, monoclonal antibody production, vaccines, and viral vectors. Our biocontainment applications cover biosafety and biosecurity, biomedical and infectious disease research, as well as disease surveillance and control. In the healthcare domain, we deliver USP <797>/<800> compliant hospital pharmacy, radiopharmacy, and 503a/503b outsourcing facilities, along with the primary engineering controls necessary to safeguard drug quality.

  • Versatile cleanrooms, labs, and compounding facilities.
  • Protective equipment for efficient processes.
  • End-to-end project services and support.
  • Long-lasting facility maintenance solutions.

Leading-edge solutions for critical environments

At Germfree, we’re experts in state-of-the-art cleanrooms and equipment for critical environments. Our cleanrooms and laboratories surpass regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring that you can always rely on us. We’re dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet your unique needs, as well as standard cleanrooms for your convenience.

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Ready-to-deploy biopharma solutions

Germfree stands as a global leader in designing and manufacturing equipment and facilities for a broad spectrum of biopharma applications, including vaccine research and production, as well as cutting-edge cell and gene therapy processes. Our bioGO® Mobile and Modular Cleanroom facilities, along with our extensive equipment range, are offsite-constructed and process-ready. Quality control and commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV) efforts are integral to our design and build processes, ensuring compliance for your facility and operations.

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  • Adaptable cleanrooms for biopharma applications.
  • Advanced biopharma process equipment.
  • Comprehensive biopharma project management.
  • Reliable biopharma facility maintenance.
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Creating environments that advance global health

Germfree provides innovative biocontainment facilities and laboratory equipment for disease response & surveillance and biosecurity. Our high-containment laboratories and equipment meet or surpass CDC-NIH BMBL, WHO, CA, EU, GB, AU/NZ, and SG safety guidelines. We offer customized biocontainment facilities and specialized laboratory equipment to meet your needs, and we’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that protect your team and the environment. Germfree is your trusted expert in biocontainment solutions.

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  • Customized biocontainment laboratory solutions.
  • State-of-the-art containment equipment.
  • Seamless biocontainment project support.
  • Expert biocontainment facility maintenance.
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Advanced pharmacy compounding solutions

Germfree delivers modular and mobile cleanrooms, advanced laminar flow equipment, and state-of-the-art compounding facilities specifically designed for the pharmacy compounding sector. Our innovative Biosafety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Equipment and Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy during the compounding process. With a comprehensive suite of services that encompass design, commissioning, qualification, and long-term preventative maintenance, Germfree is committed to supporting the entire lifecycle of your pharmacy compounding facility.

Learn more about healthcare solutions
  • USP-compliant compounding cleanrooms.
  • Advanced aseptic compounding solutions.
  • Comprehensive compounding project support.
  • Efficient pharmacy workflow optimization.

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