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Industries we serve

We create life science facilities and platforms of solutions for the healthcare, biopharma, and biocontainment industries. Each of these industries has its own unique challenges and places different demands on facility and equipment projects. We have decades of expertise in all of these areas and provide our clients with customized solutions to meet their complex requirements.

Our Clients

We have manufactured solutions for 11 of 20 top biopharma companies.

Advanced Capabilities

Over the last 6 decades we have become leading providers in BSL 2-4 capabilities.

Solutions for Experts

Our team has served over 5,000 hospitals.

We serve biopharma

Biopharma uses compliant processes and materials to develop drugs and therapies for patients. Process flow, flexibility, speed, manufacturing modality and compliance are all key challenges faced by our clients working to research and manufacture biopharmaceutical solutions efficiently worldwide. We understand these challenges intimately, our life science facilities and equipment meet a wide variety of development, manufacturing and process applications.

  • Our mobile, modular facilities and equipment can be factory acceptance tested (FAT) before shipping, this accelerates Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and commissioning and qualification.
  • Our products deliver on accelerated timelines to meet a wide variety of cGMP development, production, and aseptic training applications.
  • We work to develop a comprehensive user requirements document and basis of design to ensure your process requirements are met.
  • We solve complex process requirements with custom facilities and equipment.
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We serve biocontainment

Biocontainment is the practice of preventing the spread of biological contaminants in a laboratory setting. It is an essential aspect of working with biological materials, especially those that are infectious or hazardous. Germfree is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high-containment facilities and equipment. Ranging from Biosafety Cabinets (BSC’s) and Class 3 Gloveboxes, to complex BSL2, BSL3, and BSL4 modular and mobile facilities.

  • Full coverage of standard and custom primary biocontainment equipment for a variety of applications.
  • One partner for turnkey facility solutions with equipment integration.
  • BSL2, ABSL2+, BSL3, ABSL3+ and BSL4 facility and equipment expertise.
  • Our biosafety equipment and high containment laboratories are engineered and constructed to meet or exceed all applicable biological safety standards and guidelines including the CDC-NIH BMBL, WHO, CA, EU, GB, AU/NZ and SG.

We serve healthcare

The healthcare industry is delivering medicines to patients which requires 24/7 reliability, assured compliance, and a rapid cycle time from need to delivery. Our team has led the healthcare market for decades, delivering facilities and equipment to serve experts in compounding pharmacies and 503B outsourcing. Our facilities and equipment enhance compounding operations and enable compliant practices for our clients.

  • A full line of standard equipment that cover all needs for hazardous or non-hazardous compounding pharmacies, institution research facilities, or public health needs.
  • Reliable and rapidly deployable USP <797>/<800> swing or surge space.
  • 24/7/365 service team to keep your operation online and provide key maintenance components like HEPA-filters and gloves as you need them.
  • Germfree’s creative financial model allows for capital purchase or leasing of a compliant, turnkey facility with all service and maintenance covered.
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