Cell and Gene

While sometimes conducted at the same time, using modified genes in cells that are then introduced to the body, cell and gene therapy is a complex and modern process that is on the forefront of disease research and cure discovery.



On the cutting edge of modern science, viral vectors are enabling new cures and treatments that can be conducted within Germfree’s diverse line of laboratories and cleanrooms. This modern process involves using a virus as a vector to inject genetic material into the nucleus of a cell, thereby delivering necessary instructions to the host cell in question. Read more below.



Effective disease surveillance and response, biomedical research, and biosafety capabilities are critical to robust public health systems and overall global health security. Early detection and response initiatives promote the containment or control of an outbreak which may avert regional epidemics or a global pandemic.



Drug compounding is the action of mixing, combining, or altering components to develop a medicine that meets the needs of a specific patient. If a patient is unable to be treated with an FDA-approved medication, compounded drugs may be utilized. Read more below.

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Germfree brings years of experience in BioPharma to create custom solutions fit for any application, fit for global deployment.

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It is the dedication of the Germfree team that enables rapid deployment of critical infrastructure both to cutting edge research facilities and the front lines of global health security

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