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Portable Laboratories

Portable Labs may refer to a range of instruments, devices, equipment or complete systems that can be easily carried or moved from one place to another. The term ‘Portable Lab’ may sometimes be used to refer to ‘transportable’ or ‘mobile’ units. However these terms are often more appropriate for larger units or those that have their own system of locomotion.

Portable Laboratories for Biological Safety

In the field of biological safety, certain types of primary containment equipment may be utilized as part of a portable lab operation. These units are designed for portability and operation in the field. For example, portable Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are designed to be easily disassembled for transport, making them highly suitable for a range of field applications.

Rapid Containment Kits (RCKs) are not considered to be complete Portable Labs, however, these units provide a highly reliable HEPA or HEPA/ Carbon filtered containment solution. RCKs are used for field collection, laboratory containment, emergency response or other functions as part of a Portable Lab setup.

Portable Labs are generally limited to smaller types of equipment or devices for limited off-site operations. Comprehensive laboratory field operations require an array of primary and secondary containment systems that can be found in Mobile Laboratories.

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