Mobile Adaptive Bioproduction Suite

New Bioproduction Platform to Meet Challenges of Biotech Startups

Germfree to Demonstrate Next Level in Flexible Biopharmaceutical Production

SAN DIEGO, CA; June 20th, 2017 — Today, Germfree will present its Mobile Adaptive Bioproduction Suite at the BIO International Convention in San Diego. This biopharmaceutical facility is highlighted by BIO 2017 as a featured tour on the exhibition floor. The unit is the first of its kind to provide configurable space for biotech R&D and small-scale bioproduction within a self-contained mobile platform.

These suites provide cGMP-compliant biomanufacturing solutions by integrating cleanrooms and biocontainment zones in a 53’ foot (16 meter) trailer. Previously, there were limited options for quickly addressing small-scale bioprocessing challenges. The Adaptive Suites deliver new options for fast, flexible and cost-effective production space that would be impractical in a brick and mortar building. Germfree’s advanced platforms are engineered to operate as stand-alone facilities and can be easily repurposed and relocated globally.

In recent years, the number of new biotechnology startups has skyrocketed. However, many small-scale pharmaceutical projects lack the viable infrastructure to meet their demands. Concurrently, there has been an industry-wide shift toward more flexible manufacturing environments. “The biotech industry is under intense pressure to adapt to production processes and facilities that keep up with the rapid pace of innovation.” said Jeff Serle, Senior VP, Germfree. “We’ve engineered the Mobile Adaptive Bioproduction Suite to provide the next level of flexibility that is key in the early stages of drug development. Germfree rapidly deploys turnkey facilities anywhere they are needed, for the duration of the project. Startups are able to begin R&D or early small-batch production without committing to traditional building construction or renovations which significantly reduces initial capital expenditures.”

The Adaptive Mobile Suites are adaptable for emerging processes and all core equipment is interchangeable. The units accommodate a wide range of scientific instrumentation, bioproduction equipment and any engineering controls for primary and secondary biocontainment. Recent innovations in high-performance, compact biotech components further promote the adaptability of the Germfree trailer. “Our mobile unit fits seamlessly at the intersection of emerging biotherapeutics, applications that require flexible space and new small-footprint bioprocessing equipment.” says Carol Houts, Director of Quality, Germfree.

Germfree’s Adaptive Bioproduction Suites are optimal for a wide range of biotechnology research, development and production applications. These include: monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins, gene therapy, viral vector, cell therapy and live virus vaccines. “Our platform will help solve small-scale processing challenges especially for precision medicine.” continues Carol Houts. “The Adaptive Suite is easily configured to the ISO cleanroom grade or biosafety demands of each application. The capabilities of the mobile suite will also help facilitate the rapid development and clinical trial biomanufacturing processes that are critical to product pipeline success.”

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Germfree manufactures advanced cGMP-compliant mobile and modular bioproduction and biocontainment platforms. The company was established in 1962 to provide aseptic control and biosafety for institutions ranging from hospital pharmacies to high containment laboratories. Today, Germfree’s BSL-3 labs are deployed globally to meet the rigorous demands of military and public health agencies. This extensive experience has positioned Germfree to build cleanroom platforms, which exceed the engineering standards of traditional facilities. Our leading-edge fabrication technology, engineering teams and subject-matter experts are located at our 173,000 square foot (16,000 square meter) US manufacturing plant.

The Mobile Adaptive Bioproduction Suite will be located at Booth #6247 at BIO 2017, June 20 – 22, at the San Diego Convention Center.

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