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Germfree's Global Biocontainment Solutions



Mobile Biocontainment Facilities

Modular Laboratories

Germfree has manufactured innovative biocontainment facilities and laboratory equipment solutions for six decades and delivered thousands of projects to experts across the globe. Our biosafety equipment and bioGO® Mobile, and Modular Laboratories are Offsite-built, Containment-ready. Available in standard and custom configurations, our products deliver on accelerated timelines to the rigorous requirements of your applications. Our biosafety equipment and high containment laboratories are engineered and constructed to meet or exceed all applicable biological safety standards and guidelines including the CDC-NIH BMBL, WHO, CA, EU, GB, AU/NZ and SG.

Germfree manufactures a wide range of innovative laboratory equipment to protect your personnel, your products, and the working environment. We offer Class I, II and III Biological Safety Cabinets, Pass-through Boxes, PCR Cabinets, Custom Fume Hoods, and other laboratory safety enclosures. Germfree provides standard models as well as customized units engineered to meet the specific requirements of your application. We also specialize in the integration of equipment and components into any laboratory, cleanroom, or biopharmaceutical environment.

Germfree’s bioGO® Mobile Laboratories are available in standard and custom configurations. Our mobile platforms range from Sprinter Vans to 53’ (16 meter) long containment laboratories. Each mobile facility is engineered and constructed to meet or exceed relevant CDC-NIH BMBL, World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and other international standards for BSL-2 and BSL-3 biocontainment laboratories. Our sophisticated trailer and vehicle-based laboratories are deployed globally, delivering rapid solutions for disease surveillance and response, field research and testing, surge capacity, and a diverse range of other critical public health missions.  Key aspects:

  • Rapid Global Deployment
  • Standard and Custom Configurations
  • Proven Engineering and Fabrication

Germfree’s bioGO® Modular Laboratories are available in standard and custom configurations to meet a wide range of applications and containment levels including BSL-2, BSL-2 +, BSL-3 and ABSL-3. Each facility is engineered and constructed to meet or exceed all relevant US and international standards. Our facilities deliver critical biocontainment capacity throughout the world. Germfree’s Modular Laboratories are structural modules configured in multi-building, multi-level layouts with placement of the MEP/HVAC on top, inside, or adjacent to the facility. Our Modular Laboratories are single-building structural modules or ISO containers with integrated MEP/HVAC. Modular facilities can be installed as a freestanding outdoor building or within a shell building (box-in-box). Our Offsite-built, Containment-ready facilities offer accelerated timelines, when compared to traditional construction methods, and are provided with full integration of equipment, utilities, and services.

The Ideal Biosafety Solution

Biocontainment Equipment Product Line

Biocontainment Equipment Product Line

Germfree offers an extensive line Biocontainment equipment, including:

  • Class I, II & III Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Custom Fume Hoods
  • Pass-through boxes
  • PCR Cabinets

Established in 1962, Germfree has been protecting researchers and scientist globally since our inception.

Cleanability and Durability

Cleanability and Durability

We engineer and manufacture our equipment line to be both cleanable and durable. We use stainless steel, high-spec components, and proven designs to provide the utmost in biosafety and biosecurity. Germfree uses only premium components from reputable suppliers giving our products enduring reliability and extended lifespans.

Designed and Built in USA

Designed and Built in USA

Germfree’s Team of experts and craftspeople design and build our equipment at our factory in Ormond Beach, Florida, USA. We are innovators across industries that harness decades of experience to deliver cutting edge solutions for the next generation of biological safety and laboratory equipment. Single-source and American made, Germfree delivers.

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Mobile Trailers in Facility

bioGO® Mobile Biocontainment Facilities – Ready to Deploy

Rapid and Turnkey

Rapid and Turnkey

Germfree has delivered more than 100 bioGO® Mobile Biocontainment Cleanrooms to our expert clients. Our sophisticated trailer and vehicle-based containment facilities deliver rapid solutions to meet BSL-2, BSL-2 +, and BSL-3 standards. These self-contained units are turnkey and provide entry, gowning, and laboratory areas to meet all research and compliance requirements. The units are available for sale or lease.

Anywhere at Anytime

Anywhere at Anytime

Germfree’s BSL trailers offer an advanced approach to handling laboratory space constraints as needed for expansion, surge capacity, training, or catastrophic event recovery. They can be installed for ongoing operations and easily repurposed as needs change. Ease of transportation allows for strategic positioning or relocation to wherever they are needed. Leasing can mitigate risks and curb capital expenditures for projects with unknown durations.

Flexible and Adaptable

Flexible and Adaptable

Germfree’s bioGO® Mobile Containment Facilities are available in standard and custom configurations. With interchangeable equipment and furniture, movable walls, and the ability to connect multiple trailers, these facilities bring advanced capabilities when existing infrastructure is insufficient or unavailable. We configure our mobile units to meet exacting client requirements. 

Pictured above are Germfree’s Mobile Trailers

bioGO® Modular Containment Laboratories – Accelerated Adaptability

Accelerated Time to Market

Custom Integration

Germfree has delivered hundreds of facility projects across the globe to our expert clients.  Our bioGO® Modular (self-contained, laboratory modules) and full-scale Modular Laboratories (integrated, interconnected, multi-module, structural buildings) are based on design standards and common process layouts with pre-engineered structures and common components. Our Offsite-built, Containment-ready facilities offer schedule efficiencies and accelerated timelines, when compared to traditional construction, while delivering full integration and compliance.

Flexible and Adaptable

Flexible and Adaptable

Germfree’s bioGO® Modular Containment Facilities are available in standard and custom configurations to meet BSL-2, BSL-2 +, BSL-3, ABSL-3, and BSL-4 standards. Our facilities can be installed outside or within a shell building (box-in-box), depending on site needs. Our structures provide for full roof loading and integrated mezzanines.  HVAC/MEP can be placed on top, inside, or adjacent to the functional space. Designed with flexibility in mind, modules can be added or removed to suit evolving processes.

Factory Built Quality

Factory Built Quality

Germfree’s Offsite-built facilities are designed by engineers and built by expert craftspeople with modern tools in our climate-controlled factory. Our modules are robust structural buildings that can be combined, arranged, and joined to suit a variety of research processes.  Standard layouts available. Germfree uses only the highest quality components and architectural finishes to provide a superior product in an abbreviated timeline.

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Looking for Something Custom?

The Germfree Process

Designing and planning a biocontainment project takes a team, and Germfree is standing by to meet your needs and deliver the right solution. See our process below:

Needs Identified

Our clients realize a need for a biocontainment solution and seek out Germfree's expertise.

Solutions Explored

Germfree’s biosafety engineers begin with our standard layouts and global installation experience to collaborate, customizing if necessary, and provide the expert client with the right solution.

Solutions Delivered

Germfree completes the design and manufactures the biocontainment solution, delivering your turnkey expert environment.

Consult with a Germfree Expert

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