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Germfree manufactures Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC’s) for a wide variety of research and development applications. Additionally we specialize in the comprehensive integration of laboratory equipment into  Class III cabinets. Controls may be relocated outside of containment and ergonomic mock-up units are used to insure proper process flow and comfortable ergonomics. Class III Biosafety Cabinets for research can also monitor and control temperature & humidity and can be fitted with carbon filters for work with volatile organic solvents that are an adjunct to microbiological work.

Germfree is the world’s leader in the engineering, design, and manufacture of Class III BSC’s. Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your project.

Germfree Engineers Safety

Germfree understands that your health and safety is directly related to the proper engineering and design of your Class III BSC. All Germfree Class III Biosafety Cabinets meet or exceed the most stringent leak tightness specifications in the industry. Negative differential air pressure and air flow rates are set at optimal positions to maximize safety and ergonomics.

There is always a physical barrier between the laboratorian and their work. Doors are mechanically interlocked to prevent accidental opening directly to the cabinet interior. Negative differential pressure is measured by digital pressure gauges with a back-up analog gauge for safety. Audible and visual alarms alert lab workers to a low flow condition.

Germfree is Your Single-Source Provider

Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your Class III project. From initial discussions to delivery and set-up, Germfree manages and guarantees every detail of your Class III Biological Safety Cabinet. A variety of processes assure adherence to exact user requirements for each Custom Class III Biosafety Cabinet.

These include:
  • Initial approval drawings using 3-D parametric software (to ensure proper process flow and ergonomics)
  • Physical Mock-up review at Germfree (to finalize gloveport and equipment locations)
  • Factory Acceptance Test at Germfree
  • Installation by Germfree personnel or an experienced and vetted partner
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual
  • Recommendation for a qualified independent certifier
On-Site Installation, Training, and Certification:
  • Germfree can provide installation of your Class III BSC including connections to exhaust systems, utilities, and other services
  • Germfree personnel provide training for the use and care of your Class III Biosafety Cabinet on-site after installation
  • Germfree can also recommend independent certifiers, who are qualified to provide performance testing (best practices) to ensure safe and proper operating conditions
Service – Special Immunization Program:

Germfree factory-direct technicians have undergone special immunizations against uncommon bio-hazards. This means that they can enter many “hot” laboratories to provide service, maintenance, or modifications to Germfree Class III Biological Safety Cabinets.

Class III Biosafety Cabinet Applications:

Germfree Class III BSCs have been used in up to BSL-4 labs for many decades. These cabinet systems provide an important alternative to high construction and maintenance costs associated with positive pressure suit labs. Class III BSCs are used to provide protection from biological hazards as well as containing mass generation of aerosols and toxins.

Class III BSC systems can accommodate built-in equipment like incubators, autoclaves, microscopes, refrigerators, and analytical equipment. Design flexibility facilitates worker comfort and lab workflow while providing effective & efficient alternatives to ingress, egress and decontamination processes.

Chemical Hazards:

Germfree has the experience and expertise to design your Class III BSC for use with chemical hazards in addition to biological hazards. Germfree has many years of experience using carbon filtration (including ASZM-TEDA) systems to protect users from chemical hazards.

Equipment Integration for Enhanced Ergonomics and Optimal Workflow

Equipment integration into Class III Biological Safety Cabinets is a specialty of Germfree’s engineering team. Germfree engineers and designers have vast experience integrating all types of standard laboratory and analytical equipment into our Class III BSCs.

  • We place equipment into ideal locations for the best ergonomic comfort (we ensure this through the use of mock-ups)
  • A range of transfer devices are available that allow you to introduce and remove items from containment safely
  • Transfer devices include airlocks, chemical dunk tanks, RTPs, doors to other pieces of primary containment equipment, and double door autoclaves
  • Germfree manufactures our own autoclaves and RTPs in addition to integrating other manufacturers’ autoclaves and RTPs

Learn more about equipment integration

Ergonomics: Comfort & Safety

At Germfree advanced ergonomic design is paramount for enhanced safety and user comfort. Our engineers work with you to determine the best possible process flow for your application while ensuring ergonomic comfort.

Germfree’s ergonomic process includes:
  • 3D AutoCAD drawings of your Class III BSC – used for preliminary design and approval
  • Physical mock-ups – constructed to allow customers to ensure proper equipment placement and gloveport placement for best reach
  • Gloveports and Gloves – available in round or oval ports to provide the best choice for reach and movement, multiple glove options
  • Polycarbonate Viewscreens – high quality screens with ample internal lighting for the best visibility
Decontamination and Cleaning:
  • With experience in VHP, Formaldehyde Gas, Chlorine Dioxide, and other decontamination methods, Germfree manufactures BSC’s with integrated ports for your chosen decontamination 
  • Coved, radiused corners inside your Class III BSC make for effective cleaning easer and decontamination 
  • All 316L Stainless Steel construction protects against corrosion from some decontamination methods (bleach)

Germfree has been manufacturing advanced containment equipment for five decades. Germfree uses only the highest quality components, properly sized, for long term reliability and safety.


    Creating Environments that Serve Life Science Innovation and Advance Global Health

    Our Class III BSCs are engineered to exceedingly rigorous standards for work that involves dangerous pathogens or unknown agents

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