Biosafety & Lab Equipment


Germfree is internationally recognized as a leading manufacturer of Class III Biological Safety Cabinets. Our Class III Gloveboxes provide containment for diverse research applications in the most advanced ABSL-3, BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories.


Germfree manufactures Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) including standard Class II, Type A2 and Type B2 units and Custom sized units. Class II BSCs combine product, operator and environmental protection for a wide range of laboratory and biopharmaceutical applications.


We provide Class I Biosafety Cabinets and Laboratory Safety Enclosures. These include Downdraft Tables and systems for weighing and transferring non-sterile powders and compounds. Our Ventilated Workstation (VWS) was developed in partnership with the Stop TB Partnership, WHO, the Union, FIND and the CDC.


Germfree offers a complete line of Fume Hoods that can be customized to fit your application perfectly. Featuring complete stainless steel construction, chemical resistant coatings, laminar flow filtration, as well as Class I, Division 1 explosion-proof systems, Germfree’s laboratory fume hoods are universally used for the safe handling of chemical fumes.


Germfree has leveraged our decades of facility design experience to develop a pass-through (airlock) that is uniquely engineered to meet the demands of a modern pharmaceutical cleanroom. All stainless steel construction with coved interior and exterior corners and a pharmaceutical grade finish make these pass-through boxes the most cleanable and robust on the market.


Germfree manufactures PCR Workstations and cabinets for processes involving Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification and manipulation of DNA and RNA. We offer a range of PCR cabinets, including units that protect personnel and the work environment while protecting samples from contamination. Amplification processes are very sensitive and proper sterility levels are required to achieve accurate PCR results.

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It is the dedication of the Germfree team that enables rapid deployment of critical infrastructure both to cutting edge research facilities and the front lines of global health security