Custom Class II

Custom Class II for Biopharmaceutical & Laboratory Applications
Germfree’s Class II Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) combines product, operator, and environmental protection. Class II BSCs are utilized for containing low to moderate risk biohazardous materials. These units provide downflow HEPA filtered air to protect the product, along with HEPA filtered exhaust air to safeguard the working environment from particulate and aerosol hazards. Explore Germfree’s various Class II BSC offerings below:


Explore Germfree’s Custom Class II offerings below

  • The laminar flow Class II BSC is designed to provide personnel and environmental protection from the hazards of particulates and aerosols generated by the handling of low- to moderate-risk solids and liquids. Class II BSCs also provide protection for the product on or above the work surface via continuous flow of ISO Class 5/Class 100 air. Class II BSC’s can be specially designed to accommodate all sizes of laboratory equipment and are appropriate for a range of laboratory settings. In addition to biological research and pharmacy applications, these hoods are also used in industry for the safe handling of dust and powders.
  • Class II, Type A2 BSCs are used for personnel and environmental protection from bio-aerosols and other particulates, as well as for product protection. To protect the product, the work area is bathed with a continuous stream of ultra-clean air, which is provided through the supply HEPA filter. Approximately 70% of the air from each cycle is recirculated through this supply HEPA filter. Although not required for the majority of uses, all Germfree Class II Type A BSC’s can be vented to the outside environment via a canopy, or “thimble,” connection.
  • The Class II Type B2 Biosafety Cabinet has no recirculation of air into the cabinet. It is a total exhaust, non-recirculating, vertical laminar flow biological safety fume hood. Germfree’s Class II, Type B2 Cabinets augment the level of protection delivered by a conventional fume hood and a Class II, Type A Biosafety Cabinet by venting 100% of the air entering the hood to the outside. This total exhaust feature makes the B2 Biosafety Cabinet suitable not only for controlling particulates, but also for containment and filtration of fumes and gases.

    Class II, Type B2 BSCs are especially appropriate for work with radionuclides, effluents from subliming particulates, and noxious odors. The Class II Type B2 Biosafety Cabinet was patented by Germfree to provide personnel and environmental protection from diverse types of biohazardous materials as well as from the gases and fumes that are a common byproduct of biological work.

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