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Portable glovebox III (PGB III)

PGB III – The First Field-Deployable Class III BSC

Germfree’s PGB-III is the first field-deployable containment device that meets all of the requirements for a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), as well as the standards for a glovebox by the American Glovebox Society (AGS). Weighing in at 170 lbs with the standard HEPA filtration system, this Class III BSC is lightweight, portable, and fit for a range of field applications. The PGB-III is easily disassembled and can be transported as three compact pieces.

The PGB-III, Class III BSC is constructed of all welded aluminum with a removable side airlock. The unit is powder coated with a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) providing superior resistance to both decontamination agents as well as threats found in the field. The Portable Class III Biological Safety Cabinet features Advanced Filtration and portability.

The unit incorporates a single HEPA inlet with double HEPA exhaust, meeting Class III BSC requirements. A 10-foot flexible hose connects the PGB-III to the motor blower. The motor blower is outfitted with carrying handle and provides the proper operating negative pressure at 40-50 CFM of airflow.



PGB Unit: 30″L x 20″D x 21.25″H

Carrying Case/Stand:

The Unit is transported in a heavy-duty carrying case, which also doubles as a stand while deployed.

  • Portable high containment filtration system
  • Double HEPA exhaust, two ASZM-TEDA charcoal filters suitable for operation with both chemical and biological threats.


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    Our Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are engineered to exceedingly rigorous standards for work that involves dangerous pathogens or unknown agents

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