Portable Glove Box (PGB)

PGB – The First Field-Deployable Class III BSC
Germfree’s PGB is the first field-deployable containment device that meets all of the requirements for a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), as well as the standards for a glovebox by the American Glovebox Society (AGS). Weighing in at 170 lbs with the standard HEPA filtration system, this Class III BSC is lightweight, portable, and fit for a range of field applications. The PGB is easily disassembled and can be transported as two compact pieces.

The PGB, Class III BSC is constructed of all welded aluminum with a removable side airlock. The unit is powder coated with a chemically resistant coating (white standard) providing defense against agents while in the field. Portable Class III Biological Safety Cabinet features Advanced Filtration and portability. The PGB’s 915mm work height is achieved through using the aluminum case as a stand.

Portable glovebox. Unmatched flexibility.
The unit incorporates a single HEPA inlet with double HEPA exhaust, meeting Class III BSC requirements. A 10-foot flexible hose connects the PGB to the motor blower. The motor blower is outfitted with carrying handle and provides the proper operating negative pressure at 40-50 CFM of airflow.

  • Dimensions
  • Specifications
  • Electrical
  • Application
  • Options

Overall Dimensions:

  • LFGI-3USP: 54″ wide (39″ wide at base) – 32″ deep – 80″ high
  • LFGI-4USP: 66″ wide (50″ wide at base) – 32″ deep – 80″ high
  • LFGI-6USP: 90″ wide (74″ wide at base) – 32″ deep – 80″ high

Work Area Dimensions:

  • LFGI-3USP: 34 1/2″ wide – 24 1/2″ deep – 29″ high
  • LFGI-4USP: 46 1/2″ wide – 24 1/2″ deep – 29″ high
  • LFGI-6USP: 70 1/2″ wide – 24 1/2″ deep – 29″ high
Robust construction
All welded 0.125” (3.2 mm) and 0.090” (2.3 mm) thick aluminum. PGB is powder coated with chemically resistant coating (white standard, other colors available. Unit features coved corners with large radius bends for cleanability.

Ergonomic viewing window
0.375” (9.5 mm) thick clear polycarbonate. Polysilicate coating for abrasion and chemical resistance. Window is sealed to the glovebox with an airtight closed cell silicone gasket. Sloped at an angle for operator comfort.

Stainless steel gloveports
Two Stainless steel 7” x 11” (180 mm x 280 mm) oval gloveports. Double groove gloveports allow glove changes without breaking containment. Sealed into the window at an ergonomic “V” angle. Fitted with one set of 32” (815 mm) long Butyl gloves.

Single inlet and double exhaust HEPA filters
Rated at 99.995% efficient at a 0.3 μm particle size. Features 3” (76 mm) diameter inlet and exhaust ducts. Sanitary shut off butterfly valves. Optional pre-filter.

Static, double-door airlock
Doors are interlocked, preventing both doors from being opened at the same time.

Control panel
Mechanical or digital pressure gauge. Low pressure alarm. GFCI
Req. 120v, 15 Amp, 60Hz power
Opt. 230v, 15 Amp, 50Hz power
Exterior mounted LED
Class III BSC’s are increasingly specified as laboratories confront a range of new and increasingly hazardous challenges. These may include new applications, new agents and enhanced safety protocols.

The PGB BSC was designed specifically to solve the primary obstacles faced in achieving Class III containment BSCs in remote areas with space constraints and cost limitations. Our engineers designed this portable Class III BSC to work within the constraints of your application without compromising on features, functionality and user comfort. The PGB delivers unmatched flexibility.

Unknown/higher risk materials
Surge capacity/planning
Intermittent use
Emergency preparedness
  • Portable high containment filtration system*
  • Double HEPA exhaust, two ASZM-TEDA charcoal filters suitable for operation with both chemical and biological threats.*
  • 914mm work area*
  • TEDA carbon filter and housing* (incl. case)
  • Hose-barb stopcock connections for gas, water and/or vacuum line connection (each)*
  • Pre-filter*
  • Sealed and potted RJ-45 data port connection for setup of
    equipment on interior*
  • Sealed and potted RS-232, fire wire or USB data port connection for setup of equipment
  • Electrical
    • Alternate voltage - 230v*
    • Alternate frequency - 50Hz*
  • Configurations
    - Standard
    - Carrying case
    - Butyl gloves

    END PANEL (Sealed)
    - Standard
    - Locking door*
    - Removable*
    - Utility plate*

Asterisk (*) denotes optional

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