Standard Class III

Safe – Ergonomic – Affordable (SEA)
The International Model for Upgrading Your Laboratory to Class III Capability
Germfree’s Standard Class III (SEA) provides a practical approach to integrating Class III BSC protection into your existing lab. The SEA series BSC is the most cost-effective unit available, opening new options for the traditional microbiology laboratory. Designed with the operator in mind, ergonomic considerations promote natural arm position, extend reach and reduce fatigue. This unit makes efficient use of space and is easily cleaned and decontaminated. When lab space is at a premium, the SEA-Glovebox from Germfree is a sensible, cost effective solution for providing protection.

SEA Models

Explore key SEA models. For complete details, please contact a Sales Engineer.

  • Interior workspace:
    • SEA-3 (2 Glove model): 42″ x 21.75″ x 29.25″ (1067 x 553 x 743 mm)
  • Exterior overall, including 36″ (915 mm) stainless steel stand:
    • SEA-3 (2 Glove model): 60.25″ x 24.75″ x 76.375″ (1531 x 629 x 1940 mm)
  • Interior workspace:
    • SEA-4 (3 Glove model): 54″ x 22″ x 29.5″ (1372 x 559 x 743)
  • Exterior overall, including 36″ (915 mm) stainless steel stand:
    • SEA-4 (3 Glove model): 72.25” x 24.75” x 76.375” (1836 x 629 x 1940)
  • Interior workspace:
    • SEA-6 (4 Glove model): 78.125” x 22” x 29.25″ (1985 x 559 x 743)
  • Exterior overall, including 36″ (915 mm) stainless steel stand:
    • SEA-6 (4 Glove model): 95.125” x 24.75” x 76.375” (2417 x 629 x 1940)

The need for Class III BSCs is becoming more prevalent as laboratories confront a range of new, and increasingly hazardous bacterial and viral challenges. Challenges which may include new applications, unknown biological agents and new or enhanced safety protocols. Germfree’s 50 years of experience in the design and testing of Class III BSCs has culminated to create this ergonomic solution, able to work within the constraints of an existing or new lab without compromising on features, functionality or operator comfort.

Approximate Interior Dimensions (L x D x H):

  • 2 Glove model 42” x 21.75” x 29.25” front, 20” rear (1067mm x 553mm x 743mm front, 505mm rear)

  • 3 Glove model 54” x 22” x 29.25” front, 20” rear (1372mm x 559mm x 743mm front, 505mm rear)

  • 4 Glove model 78.125” x 22” x 29.25" (1985 x 559 x 743)

Approximate Overall Dimensions with Airlock:

  • 2 Glove model 62” x 25” x 38” (1580mm x 635mm x 970mm)

  • 3 Glove model 76” x 25” x 38”(1935mm x 635mm x 970mm)

  • 4 Glove model 95.125” x 24.75” x 76.375” (2415 x 630 x 1940)

Options Include:

  • Active HEPA purge airlock

  • Exhaust blower

  • VHP readiness package

Glovebox construction:
  • All welded 10-16ga. type 304 and 316L (2.46 mm thick ISO 3406 Type A4) stainless steel (SS)
  • Interior coved corners and radius bends for easy cleanup and containment of spills
  • All SS surfaces are polished to a pharmaceutical grade (#4) finish for easy cleaning and decontamination
  • All welded SS stand with leveling feet is included, providing a 36” (915mm) work deck height

Viewing window:
  • 3/8” (9.5mm) thick clear polycarbonate window with a chemical resistant polysilicate coating
  • Window is sealed to the glovebox with single-piece, water-jet cut silicone gasket Viewing window is sloped for operator comfort and ergonomics
  • Work area illuminated by an externally mounted, non-glare LED light

Stainless steel gloveports:
  • Double groove gloveports allow glove changes without breaking containment
  • Single inlet and double exhaust HEPA filters
  • The glovebox is equipped with a static, double door airlock for safe material/sample ingress and egress
  • Accessible control panel
Class III BSC's are increasingly specified as laboratories confront a range of new and increasingly hazardous challenges. These may include new applications, new agents and enhanced safety protocols. The SEA-III BSC was designed specifically to solve the primary obstacles faced when adding Class III containment BSCs to the existing lab: space constraints and cost. Our engineers designed this highly ergonomic Class III BSC to work within the constraints of your lab without compromising on features, functionality and user comfort. The SEA-III is the ultimate BSC design across all factors.

Class III Readiness:
Unknown / Higher Risk Materials
The modern microbiology lab may be tasked with handling a wider range of hazardous biological materials. The SEA-Glovebox provides Class III readiness for the diagnostic screening of potentially highly pathogenic samples. Germfree’s SEA-Glovebox offers a simple solution for complex lab environments.

Surge Capacity/ Preparedness Planning
Added Containment Capacity:
Sudden increases in testing volumes can challenge the routine operational laboratory infrastructure. Surge capacity is an important aspect of overall laboratory preparedness planning. Augmenting lab containment capacity provides increased safety and flexibility when dealing with receipt of samples increases.

Germfree’s SEA-Glovebox is the sensible solution when a Class III BSC is required to augment the containment capacity of a laboratory that has very tight space constraints.
Intermittent Use:
The SEA-Glovebox is also ideal for laboratories that have intermittent and limited demands for a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC). These may include a range of smaller-scale facilities that occasionally work with biological agents that require Class III-level BSC containment.

Emergency Preparedness:
Many emergency response networks seek to extend their reach by working with a broader range of labs in more localities. Networks may coordinate with laboratories that do not routinely work with higher-risk biological agents. Germfree’s Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) provide reliable containment for potentially highly pathogenic materials. The SEA-Glovebox presents a cost-effective option for the lab that is newly adding Class III containment to boost emergency preparedness or participation in an emergency response network.
  • Sealed Data Port, VGA connector (each) (side wall mounted) (OPTIONAL)
  • Casters for stand with locking swivels and wheel brakes
  • Activated HEPA purge for 2-door airlock, including supply
    and exhaust HEPA filters and PLC controlled motor/blower
    with timed purge (OPTIONAL)
  • Addition of VHP ports at SEA supply and exhaust HEPA
    filters for connection of gas/vapor decon system. Includes
    two (2) sanitary butterfly valves (OPTIONAL)
  • Dunk tank, small, side wall mounted and coated in
    polymer, bleach resistant coating (OPTIONAL)
  • Replacement HEPA filters 203 x 203 x 76mm, The SEA unit
    requires Qty. 3 filters for operation. Pricing provided is per
    filter (OPTIONAL)
  • Replacement Hypalon® gloves, pair (OPTIONAL)
  • Sealed Firewire (IEEE) connector for equipment integration
    on SEA interior, installed on side wall (OPTIONAL)
  • Stainless steel hard duct between SEA-3 and exhaust
    motor/blower, to be mounted on stand (OPTIONAL)
  • Sealed and potted RJ-45 (Ethernet) connection (side wall mounted)
  • Large key-locking door opposite airlock for equipment
    access and setup (OPTIONAL)
  • Sealed and potted USB connector (side wall mounted) (OPTIONAL)

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