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Germfree’s Class III Biosafety Cabinets are available with a wide range of options and accessories that can be designed and fitted to meet your exact needs.

Pass-Through (Airlock) w/ Sliding Tray

Standard or Custom Size, Options Below:
Sliding Trays
HEPA Purge
Maximum of 4 doors
Piping and ports for independent decontamination
Chain of custody port

Through-Wall Embeds
Equipped with seamless bioseals and gaskets to prevent breaking the containment zone:

Examples of Through-wall Embeds Include:
Class III BSC through-wall
RTPs (Rapid Transfer Ports)
Chemical Dunk Tanks

Stainless Steel Transport Containers
The U.S. Army’s SCBCOM developed these transport containers to enable a first responder or field collector to safely and securely transport samples containing hazardous chemicals, potential chemical warfare agents, and infectious biological materials. These materials can then be transported from the point of collection to the Laboratory Response Network (LRN), Public Health Lab, or other facilities for analysis. Transport Containers utilize RTP technology to maintain sample containment during transport and transfer. The unit passes military and industrial hazardous sample container tests. Triple packaged samples are contained in a 60 ml primary container, placed in a 500 ml secondary container, and placed within the Stainless Steel Transport Container.

Chemical Dunk Tanks
Chemical dunk tanks are available in a variety of configurations and materials.

Side mount with drain constructed of coated 316 stainless steel
Bottom mount with drain
Sliding bottom mount to conserve space
Dunk tanks are all-stainless steel coated with HALAR® or can be made from high density plastics or fiberglass

Back-Up Power Supply
A back-up power supply system is available for Class III Biosafety Cabinets. These systems are designed to supply necessary power for safe and proper shut-down of equipment in the event of a power failure.

Gloveports (Single/Double-Sided)
Based on the intended use, Germfree can equip the Class III BSC with round, oval or oversized oval gloveports and wide panel polycarbonate viewing screens on one or both sides.

Biosecurity Options
We offer a range of biosecurity options, including:
Reachback Camera and Monitor for Enhanced Biosecurity
Security Bars for Class III Biosafety Cabinets
Glovebox Security Bars

Cameras mounted inside Class III Biosafety Cabinets provide additional biosecurity. These allow additional viewers to witness manipulations while monitors inside the glovebox allow the user to review and adjust images prior to sending. The monitors also allow users to observe activity outside of the laboratory. All of the captured audio and video can be recorded internally or remotely to document chain of custody.

Contact Us for our full range of biosecurity options

Exhaust Filtration Systems
Designed originally for military mobile laboratory applications, the N.B.C. (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) filter system unit has been incorporated into Class III BSC for civilian first responders and public health laboratories, and can be used with other containment equipment. Air that is exhausted from the Class III BSC passes through an exhaust HEPA filter prior to reaching the N.B.C. Filter System Unit. The air then passes through an additional HEPA filter and two MIL Spec carbon filters prior to discharge to the outside environment.

The air sampling port located between the two carbon filters is used to monitor any breakthrough from the first filter to determine whether both carbon filters should be replaced during maintenance. A bubble-tight inlet and exhaust dampers allow for gas decontamination of the HEPA filter and housing prior to filter change. The filter unit is designed with a Bag-Out system for safe removal and disposal of the HEPA and Carbon filters.

Additionally, the carbon filters supplied can instead be Mil Spec ASZM-TEDA. Developed by the U.S. Army to handle chemical weapons, ASZM-TEDA carbon is activated and impregnated.

Past Germfree Projects

Germfree consistently delivers exceptional cGMP compliant products around the globe. Browse the grid below to see a selection of relevant past projects:

Mobile Hospital Compounding Pharmacy
The remodeling of an I.V. pharmacy presents a range of potentially difficult or costly challenges. During building renovations it is imperative that compounding operations are not interrupted or otherwise negatively impacted
Microbiome Research Modular Cleanroom
Biopharma Projects
This BSL 2+ cGMP Modular Biocontainment Cleanroom Facility is made up of five (5) prefabricated modules (2,000 ft2 / 184 m2 gross area) and is housed within a renovated warehouse structure. The cleanroom is designed to comply with FDA and EU cGMP standards and utilizes a unidirectional process flow.
Alachua, FL
Mobile Viral Vector Production Facility
Biopharma Projects
This Mobile BSL-3 Viral Vector Production Facility is based on quantity 2 semi-trailer chassis (840 ft2 / 79 m2 gross area) and functions as a mobile cGMP cleanroom to facilitate Viral Vector Manufacturing (VVM).
Maryland, USA

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