BSL-3 Features & Options

The BMBL 5th edition recommends that BSL-3 laboratories be equipped with or have access to an autoclave. Germfree provides autoclaves for BSL-3 facilities including mobile and modular operations. Our products include Small Mobile Autoclaves and Double Door Autoclaves.

Germfree’s chemical dunk tanks are available in a variety of configurations and materials. We offer dunk tanks with all-stainless steel construction that is coated with HALAR® as well as dunk tanks made from high-density plastics or fiberglass.

Sealed airlocks maintain complete environmental separation between the work area and ambient conditions. The airlock air eliminates cross contamination between the work area and the room during both material ingress and egress.

Germfree offers Air Filtration Systems available in a wide range of types, sizes and configurations. Equipment selection is based upon the degree of particle or gas removal required, quantity and characteristics of the space containing the contaminants and intended application.

Germfree offers gas/vapor decontamination systems for BSL-3 facilities. These systems may utilize a range of decontamination processes including: (VHP) Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, (ClO2) Chlorine Dioxide and formaldehyde.

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