ABSL-3 Modular Facilities

Animal Biological Safety Level 3 (ABSL-3) Laboratories have unique design and engineering requirements. Germfree’s ABSL-3 labs meet all the rigorous specifications of a BSL-3 facility as well as additional requirements for properly housing and handling animals. Germfree’s ABSL-3 labs deliver advanced primary and secondary containment systems for handling any potential hazards to personnel or the environment. Additionally, the facility is constructed so that it is highly durable, easily cleaned and meets all parameters for animal well-being.

With more than five decades of experience, Germfree has delivered complete modular BSL-3 and ABSL-3 laboratories worldwide. Germfree Modular facilities expand existing laboratory operations and deliver new ABSL-3 capabilities to your site. These labs also play a critical role in bringing IBSL-3 capabilities to geographic areas where lBSL-3 operations may previously have been unobtainable. Additionally, Germfree Modular helps avert delays typical of standard construction, offering a dramatically reduced construction timeline.

Germfree Modular Laboratories meet or exceed all applicable guidelines for CDCNIH BMBL 5th Edition and WHO; all facility standards compatible with AAALAC accreditation and all specified requirements for SA registration.

ABSL-3 Features and Components:

Integration Of Critical Facility Components:

Germfree has extensive experience in the integration of critical components into biocontainment laboratories. Our range of available components include: ABSL-3 compatible furniture, Autoclaves, Effluent Decontamination, Dunk Tanks, Double-door HEPA-filtered Airlocks, Room Gas Decontamination Systems, Steam Generators, Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs), Downdraft Tables and Alkali Hydrolysis Tissue Digesters.

Configured for your application:
We design and manufacture animal biosafety Level 3 modular laboratories for a wide range of applications.

Germfree’s ABSL-3 labs are currently in use for:

General research related to endemic or exotic threats to animals.

Development of vaccines

Isolating agents and testing vaccines

Work with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and other emerging diseases.

Aerobiology studies as part of the CDC/NIH Regional Biosafety Laboratories (RBL) project.

Facilities Designed for AAALAC International Accreditation:

Germfree’s ABSL-3 laboratories are designed to meet the requirements for AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care) as they pertain to physical facilities, environment, housing, and ventilation/air quality. These structural aspects of the lab are critical to the AAALAC International regulations stating “physical facilities and the methods of care and use for animals should permit their maintenance in a state of well-being and comfort”.

APR Doors:
Integrated Air Pressure Resistant Doors compatible with ABSL-3 laboratory design featuring an inflatable gasket door seal and door control PLC.

Effluent Decontamination Systems for use in ABSL-3 laboratories-- chemical or heat-kill systems.

Double-Door Pass-through Autoclaves with Bio-seal and integrated steam generators.

Bulk /Large capacity, flush floor autoclave (aligns with roll-in autoclave carts).

Through-Wall Dunk Tanks:
Pathogen Aerosol Test Chambers

HEPA Filter Banks

Exterior Serviceability Of Lab:
Critical service points are accessible from outside the laboratory, allowing for facility maintenance without entering the containment zones. For example, sealed lights are changed from above the facility.

ABSL-3 Casework And Countertops:
Germfree’s custom stainless steel ABSL-3 casework and furniture meets stringent requirements for durability, chemical resistance and ease of decontamination.

Integrated Building Management System And Monitoring (web-enabled BTL listed BACnet control system)
Single Source Solution For Your ABSL-3 Lab:
Modular laboratories require an array of complex components and controls that must be precisely configured to work together. This provides a single facility where all primary and secondary containment systems are seamlessly integrated. Working with Germfree eliminates the need for hiring numerous consultants, architects, contractors and biosafety professionals. We provide all of the necessary trades and expertise needed to construct a complete laboratory facility, avoiding any confusion of responsibility. Further, we are the only manufacturer in the world that designs, engineers and manufacturers all of the critical primary containment equipment and secondary containment systems for modular ABSL-3.
Advanced Pressure And Leak Testing:
Facilities are Pressure Decay Tested according to filter housing ASME N5-1989 to 10″ w.g.; and duct or assemblies to 4” w.g. and rooms to 2” w.g.

Past Germfree Projects

Germfree consistently delivers exceptional cGMP compliant products around the globe. Browse the grid below to see a selection of relevant past projects:

Mobile Hospital Compounding Pharmacy
The remodeling of an I.V. pharmacy presents a range of potentially difficult or costly challenges. During building renovations it is imperative that compounding operations are not interrupted or otherwise negatively impacted
Microbiome Research Modular Cleanroom
Biopharma Projects
This BSL 2+ cGMP Modular Biocontainment Cleanroom Facility is made up of five (5) prefabricated modules (2,000 ft2 / 184 m2 gross area) and is housed within a renovated warehouse structure. The cleanroom is designed to comply with FDA and EU cGMP standards and utilizes a unidirectional process flow.
Alachua, FL
Mobile Viral Vector Production Facility
Biopharma Projects
This Mobile BSL-3 Viral Vector Production Facility is based on quantity 2 semi-trailer chassis (840 ft2 / 79 m2 gross area) and functions as a mobile cGMP cleanroom to facilitate Viral Vector Manufacturing (VVM).
Maryland, USA

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