BSL-3 AG & BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities

BSL-3-Ag and BSL-4 are among the most demanding laboratory environments. These labs must meet rigorous standards in regard to engineering the primary and secondary containment systems. BSL-3-Ag and BSL-4 facilities also have a range of additional requirements relating to separation of facilities, structural durability, biosecurity, procedures and administrative controls.

Germfree has been manufacturing biocontainment equipment for six decades. We have delivered complete modular BSL-3 and ABSL-3 laboratories worldwide. Additionally, Germfree has engineered and manufactured components and casework currently being utilized in BSL-3-Ag and BSL-4 facilities.​

Single Source High Containment Solutions
BSL-3-Ag and BSL-4 laboratories are highly complex projects. All elements of the construction and integration of components must be seamless. Precise calibration of all HVAC systems and controls is critical. Significant completion delays are typical of traditionally constructed BSL-3-Ag and BSL-4 projects. Germfree offers a single source solution for biocontainment projects. Germfree is the only company that designs, engineers and manufactures all of the critical primary and secondary containment systems required for high containment labs. All aspects of the project, from concept to final commissioning of the facility are completed by Germfree, thus eliminating any confusion of responsibility. Germfree's unique modular approach provides a turnkey solution for biocontainment projects. The laboratory is fully operational and Factory Acceptance Tested before it leaves our facility. This mitigates the risk of construction delays and insures that your lab is commissioned and operational in a faster timeline.

Germfree's labs feature Monolithic & Sealed Interiors – Arcoplast solid glass/resin core panel for wall and ceiling panels with resistance to the growth of mold per ASTM D3273-00, fungi, bacteria and microbial growth per ISO 846.technical areas, such as administrative and office areas.
Factory Acceptance Testing
Germfree F.A.T. includes all certification and commissioning applicable to your project. Germfree has extensive experience with export controls and international installations. We also provide on-going maintenance and training programs. Our laboratories meet or exceed all applicable guidelines for CDC-NIH BMBL 5th Edition and WHO and all specified requirements for SA registration.
Germfree Integrated Modular Laboratories Germfree Integrated Modular™ is a highly innovative approach that provides new laboratory space, engineered for your specific containment and architectural requirements. All technical (biocontainment) areas are fabricated at Germfree and then shipped to your site. Our engineering team concurrently works with your facility managers to coordinate a final exterior building that allows uniformity with your existing architecture. Additionally the technical/lab space is designed to easily integrate with non-technical areas, such as administrative and office areas.

Germfree also builds advanced gloveboxes (Class III Biological Safety Cabinets, BSC) designed and engineered for any demanding application. These include systems for All Hazard Receipt Facilities (AHRF) where samples must be handled at the highest levels of containment. Germfree’s Class III BSCs are installed in high containment laboratories, including BSL-4 labs. Additionally, Germfree has Class III BSC's in operation at USAMRIID, NIAID, UTMB and PHAC.

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It is the dedication of the Germfree team that enables rapid deployment of critical infrastructure both to cutting edge research facilities and the front lines of global health security