Tuberculosis Laboratory

Designed for Safe Sample Receipt, Processing and Culture in Remote and Developing Regions Germfree’s Shipping Container TB labs provide an ideal solution for the challenges encountered in many areas where a BSL lab is required for work with Tuberculosis. These modular labs are built into specialized ISO shipping containers making them easily transportable to any region of the world. They are complete laboratories that can be installed in the most remote locations and quickly placed into operation.

Germfree’s energy efficient Container TB Labs provide negative pressure operation with HEPA filtered exhaust air with energy-saving considerations for remote environments. Further, all HVAC components are installed within the container.

Germfree has a wide range of expertise and experience in deploying units for international operations. We coordinate all the details for your project through on-site installation, certification and maintenance training.

The U.S. Government (USG) Tuberculosis Strategy and the Role of Germfree’s Shipping Container TB Labs in Increasing Lab Capacity.

Germfree designed the Shipping Container TB Laboratory to provide an innovative yet cost-effective and practical solution that meets the USG goals to “…support upgrading of laboratory services and biosafety and laboratory capacity building”.

The Germfree Container TB Lab represents a public and private coordination in solving an important global health concern.

Past Germfree Projects

Germfree consistently delivers exceptional cGMP compliant products around the globe. Browse the grid below to see a selection of relevant past projects:

Mobile Hospital Compounding Pharmacy
The remodeling of an I.V. pharmacy presents a range of potentially difficult or costly challenges. During building renovations it is imperative that compounding operations are not interrupted or otherwise negatively impacted
Microbiome Research Modular Cleanroom
Biopharma Projects
This BSL 2+ cGMP Modular Biocontainment Cleanroom Facility is made up of five (5) prefabricated modules (2,000 ft2 / 184 m2 gross area) and is housed within a renovated warehouse structure. The cleanroom is designed to comply with FDA and EU cGMP standards and utilizes a unidirectional process flow.
Alachua, FL
Mobile Viral Vector Production Facility
Biopharma Projects
This Mobile BSL-3 Viral Vector Production Facility is based on quantity 2 semi-trailer chassis (840 ft2 / 79 m2 gross area) and functions as a mobile cGMP cleanroom to facilitate Viral Vector Manufacturing (VVM).
Maryland, USA

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It is the dedication of the Germfree team that enables rapid deployment of critical infrastructure both to cutting edge research facilities and the front lines of global health security

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