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Aseptic Gowning technique: Cleanroom gowning trailer with Germfree logo and text Expert EnvironmentsNews

Accelerating the Global COVID-19 Response

bioGO BSL-3 Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory Germfree’s bioGO Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories offer the ideal solution for providing surge capacity for laboratory services during periods of emergency, like the current global pandemic.…
Tom K
April 13, 2023
Mobile BSL-3 InteriorNews

Environmental Specimen Testing

This guidance for environmental specimens is intended for only those laboratories that perform virus concentration procedures, including wastewater/sewage surveillance testing, and not for public health or clinical diagnostic laboratories that…
Tom K
April 13, 2023
People in a Moffitt custom trailerNews

Germfree Featured in Pharmacy Practice News

Germfree’s mobile and podular compounding pharmacies deliver rapid time to market and turnkey functionality, which is critical in periods of pharmacy renovations, upgrades, or unexpected closures. The article outlined a…
Tom K
April 13, 2023