Product Lines

Pharmacy Equipment - USP 800 & 797

Germfree’s Pharmacy Division manufactures a comprehensive line of equipment for health-system pharmacies and other facilities that compound sterile and hazardous drugs. Our all stainless steel units are optimal for the cleanroom. We provide USP 797/800 and NIOSH compliant Compounding Aseptic Isolators, Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Workstations, Radiopharmacy Equipment and Powder Containment Enclosures. We also offer turnkey USP 797/800 Rental Compounding Cleanroom Pharmacies, ideal for facility renovations. Established in 1962, Germfree has been protecting patients and pharmacists for 55 years.

Laboratory Equipment

Germfree manufactures a wide range of innovative laboratory equipment to protect your personnel, your products and the working environment. We offer Class I, II & III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), Fume Hoods and other laboratory safety enclosures. We offer standard models as well as customized units engineered to meet the specific requirements of your application. We also specialize in the integration of equipment and components into any laboratory, cleanroom or biopharmaceutical environment.

Mobile Laboratories

Germfree manufactures Mobile Analytical and Bio-Containment Laboratories. We specialize in the integration of lab equipment into the mobile platform ideal for your application and provide containment up to BSL-3. These units deliver on-site analysis, routine public health and environmental monitoring. They also provide rapid response options for potential outbreaks or other emergencies. Germfree worked in partnership with the US Army to engineer advanced, sustainable mobile containment laboratories. Our units have been deployed for sampling and analysis at high profile events such as International Summits, Inaugurations and the Olympics.

Life Science Labs

Germfree Modular Laboratories are used globally to support the wide range of operations traditionally carried out in conventional buildings. Our Modular Labs enhance or expand existing capabilities, allow faster deployment and maximum flexibility of operations. We offer a variety of platforms ranging from ISO containers, for deployment to remote locations, to completely integrated multi-use buildings. Our units meet any requirements for cGMP and aseptic demands as well any required level of bio-containment. Germfree is the only company that designs, engineers and manufacturers all the critical primary containment equipment and secondary containment systems for modular BSL-3 and ABSL-3 facilities. We have built and installed turnkey ABSL-3 and BSL-3 laboratories globally.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Facilities and Equipment

Germfree manufactures a comprehensive line of barrier systems for aseptic control and containment as well as a complete mobile and modular cGMP facilities. We offer advanced solutions to maintain cGMP processes and production for a wide range of biopharmaceutical applications. We are a single source OEM provider of complete cleanroom and lab facilities and the corresponding integrated equipment. Our leading-edge fabrication technology, engineering teams and subject-matter experts are located at our 173,000 square foot (16,000 square meter) US manufacturing plant. Germfree provides flexible and scalable solutions for the emerging biotherapeutics pipeline.

Analytical Labs

Germfree Environmental Labs specializes in the design and manufacture of modular and mobile analytical labs. These laboratories serve environmental assessment and monitoring operations as well as analytical testing for mining, petroleum, industrial and specialty applications. Our facilities provide new lab space, added capabilities or extra capacity in a dramatically reduced construction timeline. Germfree is recognized as the global leader in advanced modular and mobile high containment laboratories. We bring this engineering and manufacturing expertise to our line of environmental and analytical laboratories. Germfree Environmental Labs manufactures units that are deployed worldwide and are designed to operate in locations ranging from industrial complexes to harsh remote environments.

BSL-3 & ABSL-3 Components and Consulting

Germfree provides a full line of BSL-3 facility components. We offer individual lab equipment as well as the complete integration of components within a BSL-3 laboratory. Our BSL-3 line is engineered to meet the demanding specifications of a high containment facility. Our products include: Furniture, Autoclaves, Effluent Decontamination, Dunk Tanks, Airlocks, Filter Systems, Gas Decontamination as well as Consulting Services.

Accelerating the Global COVID-19 Response

Germfree has ramped up production of Mobile and Modular Biosafety Labs and Biocontainment Equipment to support the COVID-19 response. Germfree products are enabling vaccine research, disease surveillance, and global health security. Explore key solutions below: bioGO Mobile BSL-3 bioGO Mobile BSL-2 & 2+ bioGO ISO Container BSL-3 Class III Biosafety Cabinets Germfree Solutions: bioGO BSL-3 Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory Germfree’s bioGO Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories offer the ideal solution for providing surge capacity for laboratory services during periods of emergency, like the current global pandemic. By utilizing a fully equipped, turnkey, Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory, facilities are able to rapidly increase their volume without sacrificing capabilities Learn More bioGO BSL 2 & 2+ Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories Germfree’s bioGO® BSL 2 and BSL 2+ Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories offer the ideal solution for providing surge capacity for laboratory, pharmacy, and research use. Utilizing a fully equipped, turnkey, Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory during periods of high demand or crisis allow various facilities to rapidly increase volume without sacrificing capabilities. Each mobile laboratory is engineered and constructed to meet or exceed the CDC NIH BMBL guidelines for BSL-2 and 2+ laboratories. bioGO 24’ BSL-2 Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory BSL 2 bioGO 53’ BSL-2+ Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory BSL 2+ bioGO […]

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