bioGO™ Modular Pharmaceutical Facilities

Germfree manufactures complete modular facilities to provide flexible cGMP-compliant production space and R&D laboratories. Our bioGO™ Fast-track Adaptive Modules incorporate aseptic process areas as well as containment for potent APIs. They are engineered to handle your current requirements and can be reconfigured for future process change-outs. bioGO BioPharma Modules are self-contained allowing them to be installed wherever they are needed and without complex on-site infrastructure. We also manufacture turnkey biocontainment labs up to BSL-3 and ABSL-3. Germfree’s bioGO BioPharma Modules are manufactured in our controlled factory environment, to deliver an advanced solution in an accelerated timeline.

bioGO™ Modular cGMP Facilities

Germfree designs and manufactures complete BioPharma modular facilities to provide fast and flexible cGMP-compliant production space. Our bioGO Modules incorporate cleanroom process areas as well as any needed containment. They are self-contained and suitable for installation into an existing building or as a freestanding facility. bioGO BioPharma Modules provide an optimal platform when dedicated space is needed for preclinical drug development or small-batch production. Our facilities are reconfigurable and can be repurposed to accommodate the next project in the pipeline.

bioGO™ Pharmaceutical Biocontainment Labs

Germfree bioGO™ Modular laboratories that provide an ideal option for a wide range of biopharmaceutical applications that require biocontainment. bioGO turnkey facilities provide new capabilities anywhere they are needed with biological safety levels up to BSL-3 and ABSL-3. Biopharma Lab Modules are utilized for any application carried out in a conventional building. They meet or exceed the functional and structural quality of brick and mortar projects. Our integrated equipment, interior finishes and casework are engineered for both cGMP-compliance and biological safety standards.

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