BSL-3 Laboratories

Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures turnkey Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) Modular Laboratories. Our innovative solutions let you expand your existing operations or deliver new BSL-3 capabilities to your site in an accelerated timeline. We offer a variety of platforms ranging from ISO containers for deployment to remote locations, to completely integrated large multi-use buildings. Our manufacturing experience and expertise with biocontainment engineering controls assures an advanced and sustainable facility. We have placed fully commissioned CDC-NIH compliant BSL-3 labs into remote locations in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

Integrated Modular BSL-3 Buildings

Germfree Integrated Modular™ offers significant advantages over site-built construction. This highly innovative approach provides new laboratory space that is engineered for your specific technical and architectural requirements. Our Integrated Modular solutions meet or exceed the functional and structural quality of a site-built bio-containment laboratory, while significantly reducing the construction timeline. Our engineering team works with your facility managers to coordinate a final exterior building that allows uniformity with your existing architecture.

International Containerized BSL-3

Germfree Containerized Modular lets you expand your existing laboratory operations or enhance your level of biosafety. We provide Modular Labs for facilities that need additional laboratory operations that cannot be incorporated into the existing space. Our modular labs also play a critical role in bringing BSL-3 capabilities to geographic areas where Biosafety Level 3 operations previously have been unobtainable. Germfree is uniquely qualified to deliver BSL-3 operations wherever they are needed.uniquely qualified to deliver BSL-3 operations wherever they are needed.

BSL-3 HVAC Mechanical Suite

The most complex component of a BSL-3 Laboratory is the mechanical suite which includes the HVAC and air filtration/pressure controls. Many parts of the world do not have the mechanical trades necessary to build these complex systems. Germfree has a complete in house engineering team specializing in the unique requirements of BSL-3 Laboratories. Our engineering team follows the project from conception through installation and commissioning.

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