Mobile Laboratories

Germfree manufactures Mobile Analytical and Bio-Containment Laboratories. We specialize in the integration of lab equipment into the mobile platform ideal for your application and provide containment up to BSL-3. These units deliver on-site analysis, routine public health and environmental monitoring. They also provide rapid response options for potential outbreaks or other emergencies. Germfree worked in partnership with the US Army to engineer advanced, sustainable mobile containment laboratories. Our units have been deployed for sampling and analysis at high profile events such as International Summits, Inaugurations and the Olympics.

bioGO BSL-3 Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory

Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory, facilities are able to rapidly increase their volume without sacrificing capabilities. Each mobile facility is engineered and constructed to meet or exceed the CDC NIH BMBL guidelines and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for BSL-3 laboratories.

bioGO 24’ BSL-2 Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory

Germfree – Proven track record in deploying advanced laboratory capacity globally Germfree has been manufacturing innovative laboratory solutions for nearly six decades. Our mobile and modular biocontainment units deliver critical laboratory capacity in the US and throughout the world.

bioGO 53’ BSL-2+ Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory

Germfree’s bioGO Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories are turnkey Biocontainment Facilities suited for
immediate deployment within the continental United States. Flexibility of Operations: Our mobile containment laboratories are designed by a team of biocontainment experts to provide the optimal safety for the handling of biologically contaminated materials.

Rental Cleanrooms & cGMP Trailers

Germfree designs and manufactures advanced rental trailers to deliver rapid and flexible solutions for a range of applications. These self-contained units provide cleanroom process areas, laboratory/R&D space and any biocontainment requirements. We have extensive global experience in manufacturing transportable cleanrooms and labs. Our biocontainment and cGMP expertise has positioned us to develop advanced mobile facilities with complex controlled environments.

Trailer Laboratories

Germfree’s Trailer Labs are a mobile laboratory solution that maximize available lab space. In addition to providing remote on-site response capabilities, they are used for surge capacity. Trailer labs allow the user to leave the lab in-place while using the towing vehicle for resupplying the lab or for other purposes. Trailer Labs may be outfitted with most of the options that are available in Truck Labs, but offer an alternative vehicle-type. To meet various requirements and provide versatility, we offer both tag trailers and gooseneck trailers.

Truck Laboratories

Built to your specifications, truck labs represent the ultimate mobile laboratory. Completely self-contained and self-sustaining, truck labs can go more places and stay there longer allowing for larger scale on-site operations with the added benefit of mobility. Germfree’s Truck Labs are capable of remaining on-site for longer periods of time and need less external infrastructure to operate. Our Large Trucks provide ample space and capabilities for up to BSL-3 operations. They can be used as completely self-contained and self-sustaining mobile labs.

Van Laboratories

Germfree Van Labs provide the ideal solution for quick deployment. This compact platform provides access to remote locations as well as easy maneuverability in urban areas. It accommodates a small team of personnel who must gain access to incident sites quickly. Germfree has specifically designed this platform for applications requiring the integration of primary containment equipment such as biological safety cabinets and fume hoods into a compact space. Germfree specializes in the custom design, engineering and manufacture of mobile labs for your specific application.

Mobile Container Labs

Germfree Mobile Container Labs provide enhanced flexibility for international deployments. These units provide the transportability of a shipping container combined with the mobility of a trailer. These labs provide a quick-transport platform for readiness-response to natural disasters, outbreaks, industrial accidents or counter-terrorism. Our Mobile Container Laboratories are easily moved anywhere in the world and, as with the rest of our line of Mobile Laboratories, they are designed to maximize space while maintaining the capacity to fully integrate any piece of laboratory equipment.

Air/C-130 Transportable

Designed to go anywhere, anytime, Germfree’s Air-Transportable Mobile Labs provide ultimate flexibility combined with maximum capacity. We offer both truck and container labs that can be loaded onto C-130 cargo planes or similar air transport and airlifted to remote locations. Military and governmental organizations are increasingly challenged to enhance their readiness-response capabilities for natural disasters, outbreaks, environmental accidents or counter-terrorism. These operations may require the quick transport of larger capacity equipment.

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