High Containment Laboratory Installed in 21 Days Transcript

Germfree presents a truly unique approach to bringing advanced high containment laboratories to wherever they are needed anywhere in the world. Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures biological safety level three laboratories in our U.S. facility. These containerized modular labs are then delivered and installed in locations across all continents. After manufacture the lab is transported as containerized units to be reassembled at the site. This method makes easy global deployment a new possibility for high containment labs. BSL-3 labs require a range of critical steps after completion of construction and prior to laboratory operation. These processes traditionally take six months to over a year. This Germfree project took just twenty one days from on-site setup to meeting all operational requirements, making the BSL-3 lab ready for use. With Germfree’s advances in biosafety engineering and manufacturing, high containment laboratories can now become operational in an unprecedented timeframe.

LFGI Training Video Transcript

Thank you for purchasing Germfree’s Laminar Flow Glovebox Isolator, the LFGI. With this purchase you have started down the road to making your pharmacy a safer environment for both your personnel and your patients. Before you begin it is important to fully understand the operation of the LFGI and its features. In this video we will walk you through the entire process, from installation to everyday usage. In the future you can use the menu options to review specific sections of this video for reference during training. Now let’s begin. It is important that users of the LFGI have a basic knowledge of how the unit works. There are a few basic principles that will help users gain a better understanding of the unit, and contribute to its safe and effective usage for years to come. Your Laminar Flow Glovebox Isolator is so named because it utilizes Laminar, or Unidirectional flow. What this means is that all air that enters the work area is passed through a HEPA filter before it enters the work area. This air is then drawn through the work area in a single pass, knocking and removing particulates in the air as it goes. Unidirectional air […]

Versaflow Principles of Operation Transcript

It is important that users of the Versaflow have a basic knowledge of several principles that will enable them to safely and effectively use this equipment for years to come. This video will cover two topics: Laminar flow and positive pressure. Let’s begin with laminar flow. The Versaflow utilizes laminar, or unidirectional airflow to prevent cross contamination. All of the air inside a Versaflow passes through a HEPA filter before it enters the work area. The HEPA filter cleans the air by removing airborne contamination, such as dust, pollen and droplets that can harbor spores, bacteria and viruses. This downdraft of clean air flows from top to bottom and prevents airborne particulates from building up, minimizes the likelihood of cross-contamination and provides the highest level of protection possible. Your Versaflow utilizes positive air pressure to control any contamination that may be present inside the work area. Positive pressure describes when the air pressure inside the Versaflow is higher than the air pressure in the room. When the air inside the Versaflow is under positive pressure you can see that air is being pushed out. If a breach of containment, such as a tear in the glove, were to occur when […]

Germfree Turnkey Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Transcript

I’d like to welcome you today to Germfree Laboratories’ Mobile USP 797 compliant cleanroom. We’d like to just take a few minutes to walk you through the facility so that you can see many of the same features that you’re used to in your facility’s cleanroom today, however just in a compact environment. If you can imagine fitting everything you have inside your hospital inside a 53 foot trailer, that’s what we’ve done and we want to show you how you can maintain operability while renovating your existing facility. Once again a fully compliant USP 797 facility which allows you to move your operation from the hospital into this facility, continue uninterrupted while you bring your facility up to the current standards. Now lets go over some of the things we’ve included in this operation that we have, this mobile pharmacy cleanroom. We’re standing now in the entry room or the office are, so as you come through the entry door, which is just over here behind the camera where he’s standing now. You’ll come into this area where the pharmacists will be stationed. We have two different desks, or work areas set up, and similar to what we have […]

Germfree Rental Pharmacy Transcript

Germfree provides advanced turnkey mobile compounding pharmacies. These units are equipped to handle all the compounding operations that are conducted in traditional buildings. Facility renovations present unique challenges to the hospital pharmacy. During construction, compounding services can not be interrupted. It is also critical to maintain all standards for safety in aseptic conditions. Germfree presents an innovative solution to sustain compounding services during any disruption to your facility. These mobile units are also ideal for surge capacity or emergency preparedness. The pharmacy is designed with distinct work zones. Each environment maximizes safety, sterility and optimal workflow. The Hazardous Drug Preparation area is an ISO 7 environment, operating under negative pressure. The room is equipped with Class II biological safety cabinets. The Sterile Compounding room is also ISO 7, but operates under positive pressure. This zone is equipped with laminar flow workstations. The pharmacy has an ISO 7 Anteroom for each compounding zone. These serve as changing areas for personnel. The office area is also maintained as a controlled environment. HEPA purge Pass-throughs allow for efficient transfer of compounded preparations. Security and communications systems are provided throughout the mobile unit. The pharmacy interior is constructed of premium materials selected for durability […]

Germfree Pharmacy Equipment Transcript

Germfree presents it’s line of 100% stainless steel Pharmacy equipment. The BTE Series biological safety cabinet The BZ Series horizontal laminar flow workstation The BBF Series biological safety cabinet The Versaflow compounding aseptic isolator The BV Series vertical laminar flow workstation The LFGI Series compounding aseptic isolator and the Radiopharmacy Series nuclear isolator Which like all our models features a unidirectional air flow system that maintains ISO class 5 and class 100 HEPA air quality under dynamic conditions. All products meet requirements for USP 797 compliance. We also offer a full line of accessories designed to enhance your product experience. Be sure to ask about our total customer care extended warranty program and our mobile pharmacy line. Germfree protecting patients, personnel and products for over 45 years.

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