The Ideal Cleanroom Solution

We offer advanced solutions to maintain cGMP processes and production for a wide range of biopharmaceutical applications.


Germfree's cGMP Solutions

Germfree manufactures a comprehensive line of barrier systems for aseptic control and containment as well as a complete mobile and modular cGMP facilities. We offer advanced solutions to maintain cGMP processes and production for a wide range of biopharmaceutical applications. We are a single source OEM provider of complete cleanroom and lab facilities and the corresponding integrated equipment designed an purpose-built by our leading-edge fabrication technology, engineering teams and subject-matter experts.


cGMP Mobile Cleanrooms

Germfree’s self-contained, cGMP BioPharma Cleanroom trailers are deployed for a range of applications where a dedicated or limited-scale cGMP-compliant facility is required, bringing advanced capabilities when existing infrastructure is insufficient or unavailable. Germfree’s extensive global experience in manufacturing and deploying transportable cleanrooms and labs is a truly innovative solution for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Rapid and Turnkey

Germfree manufactures advanced cGMP trailers to deliver rapid and flexible solutions for a range of applications. These self-contained units provide cleanroom process areas, laboratory/R&D space and are built to meet any containment requirements.

Advanced Capabilities

Germfree’s cGMP trailers bring advanced capabilities when existing infrastructure is insufficient or unavailable. We configure our mobile units for the demands of your current operations. However, core air filtration or biosafety equipment is interchangeable to adapt to any new process or laboratory requirements. Select from a standard layout, or work with Germfree to deliver a unique solution for your application.

Flexible Cleanrooms

Germfree’s cGMP trailers offer an advanced and rapid approach to handling space constraints and surge capacity, or adding new levels of aseptic conditions and containment. They can be installed for ongoing operations or easily repurposed for process change-outs. Transportability allows for strategic positioning or relocation to wherever they are needed. Germfree’s trailers rapidly change your time-to-market outlook.


cGMP Modular and Podular

Germfree’s modular facilities provide flexible cGMP-compliant cleanroom production space, incorporating aseptic process areas as well as containment for potent APIs. While engineered to handle your current cGMP requirements, modular facilities can be reconfigured for future process change-outs. Germfree’s modular facilities are self-contained allowing them to be installed wherever they are needed and without complex on-site infrastructure.

Off-site Built, Process Ready

Building cGMP facilities offsite delivers a range of key benefits that move your implementation timeline forward, and offer more robust capability that avoids the numerous pitfalls of traditional construction. Germfree’s facilities arrive to your location, and are ready to execute after installation.

Expedited Timeline

Choosing to integrate a Germfree Modular Facility instead of traditional ‘retrofit’ or ‘stick-built’ has many benefits. Germfree’s offsite-built process avoids costly construction mistakes, while getting your facility up and running in a rapid, and condensed timeline.

Expandable Configuration

Flexibility is at the center of all Germfree Modular Projects. Each of the Germfree standard layouts can be expanded to fit your needs. Depending on installation, additional modules can be added in the future to meet your growth.


Pharmaceutical Equipment

Germfree manufactures a complete line of pharmaceutical equipment for a variety of critical processes. Isolators are a core component to the pharmaceutical industry, manufactured by Germfree. These gas-tight enclosures provide a complete barrier to ensure aseptic conditions and containment. Germfree manufactures advanced cGMP-compliant isolators to protect sterile products, personnel and the working environment.

Biosafety Cabinets

Germfree offers a complete line of biosafety cabinets, fit for a diverse set of applications. Related to the needs of cGMP applications, Germfree offers both Class III and Class II hoods. These units come in standard or custom configurations for your specific process requirements.

Laminar Flow Hoods

Germfree’s Laminar Flow Workstations offer a high degree of localized control for aseptic processes and handling sterile products. Germfree manufactures the interior and exterior of the units with 100% stainless

Cleanroom Pass-Through

Germfree’s line of Cleanroom Pass-Through Cabinets are designed to facilitate the safe transfer of materials between work areas within a pharmaceutical cleanroom. Sealed pass-through boxes maintain complete environmental separation between work areas.

Past Germfree Projects

Germfree brings years of experience in BioPharma to create custom solutions fit for any application, fit for global deployment.

Mobile Hospital Compounding Pharmacy
The remodeling of an I.V. pharmacy presents a range of potentially difficult or costly challenges. During building renovations it is imperative that compounding operations are not interrupted or otherwise negatively impacted
Microbiome Research Modular Cleanroom
Biopharma Projects
This BSL 2+ cGMP Modular Biocontainment Cleanroom Facility is made up of five (5) prefabricated modules (2,000 ft2 / 184 m2 gross area) and is housed within a renovated warehouse structure. The cleanroom is designed to comply with FDA and EU cGMP standards and utilizes a unidirectional process flow.
Alachua, FL
Mobile Viral Vector Production Facility
Biopharma Projects
This Mobile BSL-3 Viral Vector Production Facility is based on quantity 2 semi-trailer chassis (840 ft2 / 79 m2 gross area) and functions as a mobile cGMP cleanroom to facilitate Viral Vector Manufacturing (VVM).
Maryland, USA

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