Germfree/HOK bioGO COVID-19 Testing Lab

Germfree in collaboration with HOK has developed a standardized, turn-key, same-day-results testing module that can be rapidly deployed to supplement the COVID-19 testing effort. This rapid-testing module will enable companies and universities to launch testing campaigns en masse to support a large-scale and safe return to work, or return to study.

Germfree and HOK COVID Testing Facility Image With People Walking Up to Receive Testing. Germfree and HOK branding visible, and there are large signs.
Germfree/HOK COVID Testing Lab

Manufactured in a precision facility to the strictest BSL-2+ standards, the Germfree/HOK COVID-19 Testing Lab is ready to be deployed for immediate COVID-19 sample collection and testing.

These ‘modular’ facilities are shipped to the site after fabrication, and settled semi-permanently. This offsite-built process allows years of planning and building to be erased, while fitting the perfect solution to the COVID-19 testing dilemma on the first attempt.

Appreciating the need for flexibility, HOK designed the sample collection module to also support inoculations once a vaccine becomes available. In addition, the modules can be repurposed or relocated to respond to surge capacity or provide new capabilities for other campus labs, public health departments, or related facilities.

The modules feature rounded window frames and door openings, which contributes to a modern and inviting appearance. Considering the needs of those visiting the lab, HOK designed special ‘flaps’ that cover the various doors while the module is in transit and also open to create a ‘porch’ that provides protection from sun or rain. Patterned film covers some windows, providing privacy for visitors during sample collection and other procedures.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

As a testing facility, easy and clear sample collection areas are segregated from existing buildings, and process-ready for vaccinating large populations of individuals— students or personnel. This avoids the expense of retrofitting existing buildings, and keeps tight control over interactions with large populations.

Cutaway of modules

Large-format directions and instructions (as seen in the above rendering) make the testing process easy for participants. Clarity in direction helps to maintain proper social distance when engaging in the test, and the outdoor environment provides a well-ventilated space. The Germfree/HOK Testing Lab was designed to reduce human contact both for those giving and receiving the tests.

Key Applications

  • University Campuses performing testing as part of a safe re-opening protocol.
  • Corporate Campuses, business parks, manufacturing facilities performing testing to monitor staff health and protect staff and community.
  • Local governments providing or expanding testing networks to monitor and protect the community.
  • Organizations in need of on-site full time, high throughput testing capabilities.

Designed as a multifaceted testing facility for rapid deployment and ease of use, the Germfree/HOK Testing Lab delivers a versatile solution that performs across industries and applications. The Testing Facility’s versatile design allows it to excel in environments not typical to high-performance testing such as parking lots, fields, and business parks.

Layout, Testing Specifications, and Throughput

Comprised of two Germfree bioGO biocontainment modules, the labs accommodate up to nine staff workers as well as one or two high-throughput diagnostic machines capable of testing 80 samples at a time, resulting in up to 1,120 tests per day. One module is dedicated to sample collection and the second to testing.

A sample floor plan shows the module’s configuration

Estimated Specifications

Sample Collection Booths: 6

Sample Load: 1,120

Test Speed: 80 test cartridges takes less than 60 minutes to produce results.

Test Type: nucleic acid amplification (molecular)

Lab Exhaust Filtration: HEPA

Staffing: 9 people— 3 in lab, 1 per sample collection booth (6)

Sample Throughput

  • Self-collect sample (safest, simple) at avg 15 min/person.
  • 6 samples are collected simultaneously at each of the booths.
  • Assume an average of 15 min/sample x 10 hr day x 6 booths= 240 samples collected in one day at the booth.

Testing Throughput

  • High-throughput testing platforms such as the Cepheid GeneXpert Express, processes samples in batches of up to 80 tests a time.
  • Each batch is processed in under 60 minutes.
  • Appox. 560 tests per day with one high throughput testing platform. With 2 platforms in the testing lab, the number increases to 1120.

Rapidly Deployed, Easily Converted

The Germfree/HOK COVID-19 Testing Lab is designed and ready to serve your organization’s needs. Installed and operational along a tight timeline, this facility will deliver the results needed to help relaunch your operations. Convertible to vaccine administration at scale, these facilities also can easily convert to other lab duties and missions as the world continues to change.

bioGO BSL-2+ COVID-19 Testing Laboratory Features

Advanced Design and Engineering

bioGO COVID-19 Testing Labs are built to BSL 2+ specifications. Standard enhancements such as an anteroom, directional airflow, and HEPA filtered exhaust air provide added safety for the operators and the environment.

Flexibility of Operations

The bioGO BSL-2+ COVID-19 Testing Labs were designed by a team of biocontainment experts at Germfree, and design experts at HOK to provide the optimal safety for the handling of COVID testing samples. This allows the facility to be effectively utilized for manipulating samples required to be handled in a containment laboratory environment, while achieving accurate test results .

Efficient Workflow

Germfree/HOK’s bioGO BSL-2+ COVID-19 Testing Labs are engineered and equipped for the most efficient workflow. This standard Testing Lab is divided into designated work zones. Each zone contains the primary containment equipment required for a safe sample flow throughout the collection, organization, and testing process, as specified by HOK’s architectural design team. Additionally, Germfree and HOK strategically place stainless steel workstations, storage and supply areas, gowning benches, and staging tables to ensure an efficient and cleanable working environment.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Strategic airlocks allow for samples to be processed into the Testing Facility while maintaining robust Chain of Custody Procedures. HOK-designed interior and exterior spaces make for ease of use for both personnel and testing participants.

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