Engineering for Modular

Initial Laboratory Design Process: Germfree coordinates all aspects for your modular laboratory project, from the initial concept to final onsite installation and operation. We start with a collaborative space-planning and design process. 3D drawings are provided by Germfree in the design phase and are used to confirm BSL laboratory compliance, plan interior space and initiate engineering of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems (M.E.P).

Each Modular and Containerized Modular project that Germfree manufactures is designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the precise specifications required for your application. However, there are a range of specifications that apply to most projects.

Germfree Shipping Container Labs

Germfree ISO Container labs present a unique solution, allowing many design options and configurations. We build modular high containment laboratories using 12m standard-sized ISO insulated shipping containers (typically used for refrigerated service). Interior walls and ceilings are monolithic with coved transitions that allow for effective decontamination and ease of cleaning.

Multiple configuration options to meet the needs of your current application or allow for future expansion of your operations
One shipping container: 32 m2 total area.
Two shipping containers: 64 m2 total area.
Three shipping containers 96 m2 total area yields approximately 72 m2 of BSL-3 laboratory space.

Joined modules create a spacious laboratory work area – 4.5 m wide.

For BSL-3 laboratories 25% of the total container space is dedicated for mechanical equipment. Germfree starts with a 40 ft. by 8 ft., insulated ISO shipping container. (Multiple container configurations are available). Germfree uses seamless water-jet cut gaskets for HVAC connections, seals and container connections.
Airtight seals for laboratory attachment were developed by Germfree and use the same methods as our Class III BSC (Glovebox) systems.

Containers are connected with heavy gauge stainless steel flanges and single piece “bio-seal” gaskets. The method and testing of the connections is similar to Germfree’s Class III BSC- glovebox construction.

Sealed Laboratory Interiors

Germfree builds modular labs with monolithic floors, walls and ceilings. There are no seams, cracks or crevices where microbiological growth could occur. Walls are easily washed and decontaminated. All corners are radiused and seamless flooring is coved up the wall for easy cleaning and to insure effective decontamination. Laboratory grade vinyl flooring is seamlessly heat welded together.

Germfree Double Door Autoclave and Pass-Through Airlock

Both the airlock and autoclave may be installed through interior walls to allow for safe entry and exit of samples or other laboratory materials.

Electrical and Control Systems

Systems are completely wired and tested prior to shipment, including:
– Distribution panel
– Transformer
– Motor blowers
– Control system
– Monitoring system
– Lighting
– Utility outlets
– Electric generators (diesel)
– Transfer switches
– 50 or 60 cycle operation

Electrical and data lines are isolated and run in surface mount chases with easy access to electrical wiring. We test all laboratories and equipment using the electrical requirements of the destination country (e.g. 230V 50Hz.). Germfree has the electrical generation equipment required to simulate the power requirements in all regions.

Custom Casework
Casework is manufactured by Germfree with all surfaces easily accessible for complete cleaning. Edges are rounded and corners coved for cleaning and gas decontamination.

Laboratory Doors and Frames
Germfree manufactures complete welded stainless steel doors and frames essential for durability. These interior and exterior doors are designed to match the HVAC requirements and provide the proper airtight seal.

Factory Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and Certification
Third party pre-commissioning and Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T.) are completed at our manufacturing facility:
• Modular laboratories are fully operational and pre-commission tested at our facility prior to shipment.
• All Biological Safety Cabinets (primary containment equipment), HVAC systems and HEPA filtration systems are tested and certified.
• The commissioning document is used as a template for performance testing of the entire laboratory system. Failure-mode testing is also performed.
• Full review and assessment of biosafety and biosecurity check lists.
• On-site commissioning and certification is carried out by independent third party commissioning agents and certifiers. A detailed test report is presented to the client.

Germfree will provide engineering plans including but not limited to; fastening methods and weight/size requirements necessary for construction the modular lab foundation. Experienced Germfree technicians supervise the installation and are also present through the final commissioning stage. Germfree can also recommend independent biosafety professionals to help write administrative controls and procedures as well as provide on-site biological safety training for your staff.

Modular Labs with Enhanced Bio-security
We also design and build modular labs for applications that require heightened security and advanced access controls. These include: Controlled Access Systems, Fences, Lighting, CCTV Eyewash, Fire, Security and Interlocks.

BSL-3 and HVAC Engineering
The most complex component of a BSL-3 laboratory is the HVAC systems and controls. Germfree has the expertise and experience to build these systems and deliver them to any area of the world including remote locations. We have a complete in house design and engineering team specializing in the unique requirements of BSL-3 laboratories.

Germfree provides a complete engineered BSL-3 system including:
-Constant or variable air volume control (CAV or VAV)
-Building Automation Systems (BAS) for the complete laboratory

• Exhaust HEPA filtration housings with shut off valves and decontamination ports
• Exhaust blowers
• Engineering for precisely sized systems
• Stainless steel plenums and HVAC ductwork (helium leak tested)
• Seamless water-jet cut gaskets for HVAC connections, seals as well as container connections.

Effluent Decontamination Systems for Modular BSL-3 Facilities
Our Effluent Decontamination System processes the water leaving the laboratory. It utilizes a chemical treatment system, providing a more reliable and energy efficient method to decontaminate water from the BSL3/P3 facility. These units offer a rugged design at a lower cost and can take the place of expensive electrical heat systems.

Exterior Finishes
Our modular laboratories can be finished and landscaped to resemble an existing on-site structure. Germfree has installed modular labs that are designed to be integrated with standard construction buildings. We can work with your facility’s manager to coordinate the proper look of the exterior.

NOTE: Each Modular and Containerized Modular project that Germfree manufactures is designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the precise specifications required for your application.

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