Germfree’s Pharmacy Equipment manuals are available as Adobe PDFs

  • LFGI Series Manual — 914 kb pdf — Laminar Flow LFGI User Manual
  • Versaflow Series Manual — 492 kb pdf — VERSAFLOW Series Manual
  • BZ Series Manual — 370.5 kb pdf — BZ-2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood Manual
  • BVBI Series Manual — 239 kb pdf — BVBI Series Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Manual
  • BBF Series Manual — 914 kb pdf — BBF Series Biosafety Cabinet Manual
  • BTE Series Manual — 369 kb pdf —BTE Series Biosafety Cabinet Manual
  • CSE Series Manual — 161 kb pdf — Compounding Safety Enclosure Manual
  • Radiopharmacy Hood Manual — 1.2 mb — Radiosafe Biological Safety Cabinet Manual
  • Radiopharmacy Isolator Manual — 1015 kb — Leaded Negative Pressure Isolator Manual
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