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Class III Biosafety Cabinet

Class III Biosafety Cabinet

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Protection Type: Sample Protection
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Industries: Biocontainment
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Class III Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) as defined by the CDC/NIH publication, “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories” 6th Ed. (BMBL).
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ergonomic viewing window
  • Stainless steel gloveports
  • Static, double-door airlock
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Ensuring Safe Handling of High-Risk Biological Agents

Gloveboxes serve the needs of a diverse range of industries including biotechnology, biomedical, nuclear, defense, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and chemical applications. When these enclosures are used for microbiological research or to handle pathogens, they are referred to as Class III Biosafety Cabinets.

These units provide containment for work with high-risk biological agents and must be constructed in compliance with the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) specifications.

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class 3 biosafety cabinet glovebox


Designed to meet the needs of multiple applications, the Class III Biosafety Cabinet is ideal for a wide range of industries and facilities.


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Overall dimensions
Model Width Depth Height
SEA-3 (2 Glove) 60.25" / 1531mm 24.75" / 629mm 76.375" / 1940mm
SEA-4 (3 Glove) 72.25" / 1836mm 24.75" / 629mm 76.375" / 1940mm
SEA-6 (4 Glove) 95.125" / 2417mm 24.75" / 629mm 76.375" / 1940mm
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Work area dimensions
Model Width Depth Height
SEA-3 (2 Glove) 42" / 1067mm 21.75" / 553mm 29.25" / 743mm
SEA-4 (3 Glove) 54" / 1372mm 22" / 559mm 29.25" / 743mm
SEA-6 (4 Glove) 78.125" / 1985mm 22" / 559mm 29.25" / 743mm
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Single Inlet / Double Exhaust HEPA Filters: Rated at 99.99% efficacy for particles to 0.3μ in diameter. Filters are sealed to the SEA with gasketed stainless frames designed for in-situ testing. Sanitary shut-off valves on both inlet and exhaust for a leak-tight interior.

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All welded 10-16ga. type 304 and 316L (2.46 mm thick ISO 3406 Type A4) stainless steel (SS). Interior coved corners and radius bends for easy cleanup and spill containment. All SS surfaces are polished to a pharmaceutical grade (#4) fi nish for easy cleaning and decon. Included leveling all welded SS 36” (915mm) stand.

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Ergonomic viewing window: 3/8” (9.5mm) thick clear polycarbonate window with chemical resistant coating. Window is sealed to the glovebox with single-piece, water-jet cut silicone gasket. Viewing window is sloped at a nominal 5°-7° angle for ergonomics and comfort.

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Static, double-door airlock: Doors are interlocked, preventing both doors from being opened simultaneously.

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