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Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

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Protection Type: Product, Environment
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Industries: Healthcare, Biopharma
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USP <797> Compliant
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • ISO 5 / Class 100 Laminar Flow Air in the Work Area
  • Extra Deep Work Area (28½”)
  • Ideal for use with TPN Compounders
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Premium Quality, Superior Product Protection

The BVBI series is Germfree’s advanced line of Vertical Laminar Flow Hood products. These USP 797 compliant units provide a high degree of localized control for critical processes and the handling of sterile products in an aseptic environment. The Direct Compounding Area (DCA) or work deck is continuously bathed with optimal ‘First Air’ that has passed through a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. This protects preparations from contamination, removing organisms and particulates 0.3 micron in size with an efficiency of 99.99%. The top-down unidirectional flow of air makes our Vertical Laminar Flow Hood products ideal for use with equipment, including TPN compounders.

BVBI units are constructed from 100% stainless steel. Stainless steel is highly durable, non-shedding and can withstand the rigorous cleaning protocols required in modern cleanrooms.

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Vertical Laminar Flow Hood


Designed to meet the needs of multiple applications, the Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation is ideal for a wide range of industries and facilities.

Laminar Flow Hood Specifications

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Overall dimensions
Model Width Depth Height Additional notes
BVBI-3SSRX 36 ⅛" 38" 76 ¼" Air duct is removable to reduce depth to 35 ⅛″
BVBI-4SSRX 49 ¼" 38" 76 ¼" Air duct is removable to reduce depth to 35 ⅛″
BVBI-6SSRX 73" 38" 76 ¼" Air duct is removable to reduce depth to 35 ⅛″
BVBI-8SSRX 96 ⅞" 38" 76 ¼" Air duct is removable to reduce depth to 35 ⅛″
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Work area dimensions
Model Width Depth Height
BVBI-3SSRX 33 ⅛" 28 ½" 30 ¾"
BVBI-4SSRX 45 ¼" 28 ½" 30 ¾"
BVBI-6SSRX 69 ¼" 28 ½" 30 ¾"
BVBI-8SSRX 93 ⅛" 28 ½" 30 ¾"
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System requires 115 Volt, 60 Hz (220/50-60 Hz also available)

Separate lighted power ON/OFF indicator switches for blower and lighting

Ten foot power cord with molded grounded plug included

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Front mounted, external fluorescent lighting

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Cleanroom-compatible prefilter increases the life of the front loading HEPA filter while reducing particulates inside the cleanroom

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Stainless steel framed acrylic panels for maximum visibility

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ISO 5/Class 100

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