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Germfee Mobile cGMP Cleanroom in front of The White House in the USA.

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Mobile cleanrooms and laboratories enable organizations to meet patients at the point-of-care

Germfree mobile cleanrooms and laboratories provide the swiftest, most cost-effective solution to address capacity limitations in Biopharma, Biocontainment, and Healthcare sectors. With diverse platforms like 24-foot sprinter vans, cargo trailers, and 450 sq. ft. semi-trailers, and versatile leasing and purchasing options, we deliver exceptional adaptability for your patients’ distinct needs.

Nearly a decade ago, Germfree pioneered the mobile cleanroom concept with our mobile compounding pharmacy. As evidence of its success, hundreds of US hospitals have adopted our inventive solution. This achievement encouraged us to broaden our offerings, intensify innovation efforts, and design mobile facilities for the biocontainment and biopharma industries.

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Germfree's Mobile BSL-2 Biocontainment Vans

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Germfree's Mobile Cleanroom Production Facility
450 sq ft Mobile BSL-2 Trailer
Mobile Compounding Pharmacy Trailer
Mobile cGMP Cleanroom
Engineering works directly on the floor alongside production
Germfree also provides the process equipment to supplement our mobile facilities.
Moving assembly line manufacturing process

Explore our Mobile Cleanrooms and Laboratories

Learn more about our three mobile platforms and how they can serve your industry. If the layouts or standard sizes do not meet your needs, reach out and learn more about our custom solutions.

Why a Germfree mobile solution

Flexible Ownership Options icon
Flexible Ownership Options

Our mobile facilities can be deployed from Germfree instantly from our lease fleet or wholly purchased and made operational in under a week.

Project Management Icon
Project Management

We manage all complexities associated with your project: site infrastructure audits, documentation submittals for certification and commissioning, installation, procurement, QC and more.

Factory Acceptance, Onsite Testing & CQV Icon
Factory Acceptance, Onsite Testing & CQV

Germfree mobile facilities are factory acceptance tested before shipment and site acceptance tested onsite to support CQV efforts towards commissioning of the facility.

Support & Maintenance Icon
Support & Maintenance

Germfree’s service team supports facilities 24/7 worldwide, providing preventative monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance worldwide.

Mobile cleanrooms and facilities built for your industry

DNA icon Biopharma


Germfree currently offers our mobile cGMP Cleanroom platform to address the rapidly increasing shift to decentralized manufacturing and point of care models across the cell and gene therapy landscape. This platform revolutionizes the industry by offering a flexible solution that can be deployed anywhere for aseptic processing needs. These units are compliant and turnkey, designed to meet rigorous compliance standards with QC and CQV efforts guiding each step of our design to deliver a process ready cleanroom.

  • Sale or Lease
  • Onsite in < 6 months
  • Meets US and EU cGMP, ISO 14644, CDC NIH Microbiological Biomedical Labs
  • All HVAC and MEP included

Mobile Clinical Laboratories

Mobile Clinical Laboratories bring testing services to the patient in an efficient, modern, 450 sq ft high throughput facility. This rapidly deployable & compliant facility is used by our clients for standard diagnostics lab testing, clinical research, genomics testing, pre-clinical and analytics development.

Key applications:
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Mobile cGMP Cleanrooms

Germfree’s mobile cGMP cleanroom platform revolutionizes the biopharma industry by offering a cutting-edge, flexible solution for aseptic processing needs.

Key applications:
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Mobile cGMP Cleanroom
Biocontainment icon Biocontainment


Germfree Mobile biocontainment laboratories represent todays ability to safely research, anywhere. Our facilities are meticulously engineered to achieve complete compliance of BSL-2 and BSL-3 environments across the globe. There are three biocontainment platforms, our 450 sq ft BSL2/BSL3 semi-trailer platforms often serves as a permanent facility, our 24 foot sprinter van platform and 24-foot cargo trailer platform offer solutions for field sampling and rapid disease surveillance often serving low resource regions or urban, space constrained areas.

  • Offered in 3 platforms
  • All HVAC and MEP Included
  • Bio-decontamination compatible
  • Working capacity up to 5 personnel

Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories

Mobile biocontainment laboratories are offered in three off-site built mobile platforms, a 450 sq ft semi trailer, a 24′ Sprinter Van and a 24′ cargo trailer.

Key applications:
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Germfree Mobile BSL-3 facility deployed to the middle east.
Healthcare icon Healthcare


Germfree’s mobile semi trailer based USP<797>/<800> compounding pharmacy allows hospitals to keep compounding online, serving as a swing space during facility renovations, addressing surge capacity, and increasing compounding throughput efficiency per sq. ft. Mobile pharmacies often serve a network of hospitals due to their inherent mobility and ease of set-up. Mobile pharmacies are fully equipped turnkey units that function independently when delivered on-site, requiring only utilities to become fully operational.

  • Turnkey with HVAC and MEP
  • Flexible Ownership options: Lease and Buy
  • Freestanding outside in any region
  • Designed for efficient compounding throughput

Mobile Compounding Pharmacies

Germfree’s mobile USP 797 / 800 compounding pharmacy allows hospitals to keep compounding online with a supplemental and often permanent addition to existing operations.

Key applications:
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Looking for something custom?

We have deployed research facilities for shipment by military aircraft, designed equipment to contain the most dangerous agents on the planet, produced facilities to manufacture lifesaving medicines and mobilized hospital compounding during times of regulatory change. Connect with Germfree experts to unlock your scientific potential.

Mobile case studies

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Hear from our clients

“The project team was delighted with the trailer’s arrival this morning, as was the CDC. Thanks very much for all your long hours and dedication to make this milestone date!”

West Point, PA

"Our Germfree trailer is wonderful and has enabled us to successfully perform all of our COVID variant testing!"

Washington, D.C. USA

"Our BSL2+ trailer has been nothing short of spectacular. We are coming up to almost a year and wanted to discuss extending a service agreement with Germfree."

Washington, D.C. USA

"Germfree representatives (i.e. customer service) respond to requests/questions in a time effective manner. They have always been available to fly up for any service request needed. Customer Service Score: Exceptional"

Boston, MA USA
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