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Germfree free standing mobile testing facility deployed to Montana,USA

Custom Mobile Cleanrooms and Laboratories

Custom design, manufacturing and commissioning of mobile cleanrooms and laboratories for niche applications

Our standard mobile facilities often exceed client requirements, if they don’t we have limitless capabilities for custom mobile cleanrooms and facilities for the biopharma, biocontainment & healthcare industries. If you can dream it, we’ve built it. We have built around unique client needs in a variety of mobile facilities when clients thought expensive, unchangeable, unmovable & often delayed alternative methods of construction was their only option. Custom is expensive, custom Germfree mobile facilities are not.

Germfree Mobile BSL-3 facility deployed to the middle east.

Recently delivered custom mobile projects

Here are some of our recently delivered custom mobile facility projects. As you can see below, Germfree is not constrained by region, application, installation method, site infrastructure, or experience. If you can dream it we can build it.

Why a Germfree Custom Solution?

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Limitless Mobile Capabilities

Germfree’s definition of mobile is different than most. If it rolls, can be deployed anywhere, and set up or taken down in <5 days than it’s mobile. Our capabilities are limitless with mobile facilities.

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Custom experience in a variety of industries

We have extensive experience building for clients across biopharma, biocontainment, and healthcare. This experience allows us to offer dual purpose facility capabilities like our all-in-one cGMP and BSL2 capable mobile cleanroom.

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Documentation for Regulatory Approval

Documentation for regulatory bodies are developed from project inception to installation and turnover. We’ve successfully commissioned facilities across biopharma, healthcare, and biocontainment, just ask our CQV team.

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Germfree Wayfinder Consultation

Germfree has worked with 100’s of clients to deploy custom facilities. This experiance has formed our “Wayfinder” program which include URS Conceptual Engineering, and BOD before moving forward. Get on the Germfree Wayfinder (*hyperlink this to the Germfree wayfinder page*) fast track here.

Mobile case studies

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