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Germfree partners with HOK to rapidly deploy US-based testing facilities to battle COVID-19.

Utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes, Germfree and HOK are bringing robust BSL-2+ laboratories to market that will enable testing at a level not previously seen possible.

HOK teamed with Germfree Laboratories Inc. to design a mobile testing lab that will help large organizations meet this urgent need. These self-contained, biocontainment facilities can provide advanced, on-site capabilities for any setting.

University campuses, corporate campuses, business parks, and manufacturing facilities are provided full-time, high throughput testing capabilities via a space-efficient and convertible laboratory. These facilities, along with local governments, enable an expanding testing network to monitor disease transmission and protect communities nationwide.

Protecting Communities, Advancing Global Health

Enabling Scaled Local Testing

At a Germfree/HOK bioGO facility, it is estimated an average of 240 samples per day can be self-collected by the participants. With additional guidance from telemedicine, a test-kit is provided to participants who are assisted by limited personnel in PPE. These facilities limit the need for large quantities of individuals in PPE to collect samples on the ‘frontline’ which will soon become the institutions that scores of individuals will be returning to work or learn. Up to 80 batches can be processed at a time in under 60 minutes with high-throughput testing platforms such as Cepheid GeneCpert Express, which will be available lab options.

Process and registration information is provided on the website on outside the mobile lab. A healthcare worker will scan a QR code sent to each participant’s mobile device and provide further instruction. Following the provided procedures, each person will collect their own sample and test results will be released within 24 hours.

Return to Work, Done Right

The Germfree/HOK COVID-19 Testing Labs will offer a clear and controlled method for a ‘safer’ return to work. As companies and educational institutions attempt to come together again, rapid testing is the only way to ensure a return of infection is mitigated.

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