Germfree Mobile Laboratories deliver advanced containment capabilities worldwide. These labs provide effective solutions when alternatives to conventional laboratory structures are required. Our Mobile Labs enhance existing laboratory capabilities; allow faster deployment and maximum flexibility of operations; and deliver heightened levels of bio-containment (up to BSL-3 / P3) to remote areas.

National Security | Public Health
Outbreaks | Disaster Response

Germfree builds Mobile Laboratories in a variety of platforms to accommodate biological & chemical safety / high containment for a range of missions, applications and local conditions.

Germfree Mobile Laboratories play a vital role in public health and national security. These labs enable a rapid response to natural and accidental outbreaks of disease and potential terrorist threats. Our mobile units support customers in a range of sectors including: Public Health Laboratories, Environmental Agencies, Departments of Agriculture and Veterinary Health, First Responders, Military, Law Enforcement and other Security Agencies.

Comprehensive Biological Safety / High Containment up to BSL-3

Germfree manufactures a complete line of Mobile Labs that offer comprehensive laboratory capabilities (up to BSL3 / P3). Our units are often deployed to provide rapid on-site screening and presumptive diagnostics to assist in prioritizing of samples. Mobile Labs are those labs which can be moved from place to place easily and often by their own power. They are rapidly deployable, making them ideal for incident investigation (i.e. suspicious materials), military and civil preparedness applications. For example, Germfree Mobile units are used for CBRNe – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear – (formerly NBC, Nuclear Biological Chemical) sampling and analysis at high profile events.

When not deployed, our mobile labs can be operated via land-line connections and stationed at the main laboratory. This provides a platform to enhance biological and chemical safety capabilities, for use in diagnostic training programs or to add laboratory surge capacity.

A variety of technological advances have impacted the design of modern mobile laboratories. Analytical equipment is more compact and portable, many reagents are now prepackaged and high speed communications are more accessible. As a result, Germfree mobile labs are in high demand for the practical solutions they offer the end user.

TRUCK LABS: These units were initially constructed to be rugged and compact to support military missions. However, over time, customers also wanted larger platforms to carryout additional analyses. We developed a 12 meter long Truck Laboratory to meet this new need. This allowed for larger scale operations and greater diagnostic capabilities while still maintaining mobility. Truck labs are also typically equipped with slide-outs, yielding more usable lab space. Germfree’s Truck Labs are also capable of remaining on-site for longer periods of time and need less external infrastructure to operate. They carry decontamination and liquid waste tanks. The labs are equipped with emergency generators and can also be plugged into local external power sources. They are capable of providing diagnostic surge capacity to fixed labs during times of epidemics, pandemics and other natural disasters.

VAN LABS: The Germfree Mobile Van Lab model is based on a 4 meter long Sprinter van that is easy to maneuver in tight city streets or narrow, unimproved roads. It accommodates a small team of personnel who must gain access to remote sites. The platform is specifically designed for sample collection and testing without the need for external infrastructure. Samples can be prioritized for rapid testing or safely transported to another testing facility, making our Van Labs ideal for First Responders. Additionally, Germfree Van Labs can be used in conjunction with a strategically placed Modular Lab.

TRAILER LABS: Trailer Labs are an alternative to our truck platforms. They allow the user to leave the lab in-place while using the towing vehicle for resupplying the lab or for other purposes. To meet various requirements and provide versatility, trailer labs are available in six, seven, and twelve meter lengths. Most of the options that are available in the Truck Labs are also available in our Trailer Labs.

MOBILE CONTAINER LABS: We offer a Mobile Container Lab that features retractable wheels. These labs can be transported by standard container shipping methods (truck, ship, train) as well as airlifted on cargo aircraft such as the C-130 or other similar air transport. They can be pulled as a trailer locally or to other sites. As with the rest of our line of Mobile Laboratories, they are designed to maximize space and can fully integrate any piece of laboratory equipment for primary bio-containment.

AIR/ C-130 TRANSPORTABLE LABS: Military and governmental organizations are increasingly challenged to enhance their readiness-response capabilities for natural disasters, outbreaks, environmental accidents or counter-terrorism. These operations may require the quick transport of larger capacity equipment. In some national and international operations, airlifting the laboratory on cargo transport aircraft is the most robust approach. Germfree has developed several approaches that meet the rigorous demands of a laboratory airlift.


Containment without Limitations

The design, engineering and manufacturing of Mobile Labs demand highly specialized experience and advanced technologies. Germfree has five decades of bio-containment manufacturing & engineering experience including HVAC systems for BSL-3 / P3 Laboratories. We continue to leverage our experience in the development of innovative approaches to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We have more than 15 years experience in making labs mobile by configuring vehicles for the proper integration of laboratory equipment. We are the leading technological innovator in this field.

Beyond engineering, we understand the needs of the people that work in our labs, placing a priority on total integration of all equipment, work-flow management and ergonomic design.

Germfree offers solutions that are not just well engineered and quality manufactured but are practical, scientist-friendly and proven in the field. This makes Germfree uniquely positioned to deliver Mobile solutions for a range of applications to destinations throughout the world.

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