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BSL-2 Modular Lab
GFELabs-logoAResizeKS-150x150Germfree Environmental Labs manufactures advanced modular analytical laboratories to serve a wide array of industries. These facilities provide critical laboratory operations to meet the rigorous technical requirements for your projects. Our modular facilities provide new laboratory space, added capabilities or extra capacity in a dramatically reduced construction timeline.

Advanced testing capabilities are a fundamental component of most industries. Properly engineered laboratories provide an essential platform for required process testing and acquisition of data. These facilities are critical for: Product and Materials Safety Testing, R&D, Quality Control (QA/QC) and Pilot Testing Programs.

Germfree provides advanced laboratories for the chemical manufacturing and distribution sectors. These applications may include chemical testing and contamination analysis as well as environmental monitoring and testing. Our labs also play a key role in within the energy sectors. For example, our analytical laboratories provide the capabilities needed for all aspects of inspection and testing of fuels and biofuels.

We build custom modular industrial laboratories in a variety of configurations. Our design engineers assess your project to provide comprehensive space planning. This insures an efficient workflow and the proper integration of analytical instruments. Our units are outfitted with the specific equipment needed for any industrial or manufacturing application, ranging from materials analysis to health, safety and environmental compliance.

Germfree’s modular analytical labs differ from those constructed using traditional modular manufacturing techniques. We use all metal construction and our labs are built with monolithic floors, walls and ceilings to enhance the durability and integrity of the facility. These manufacturing methods make our modular units suitable for any challenging application.

Additionally, properly configured HVAC systems are critical. The engineering of HVAC systems for use with multiple fume hoods within a lab space can be challenging. Lab personnel require flexibility while operating multiple fume hoods. Some hoods are idle while others are active, creating significant fluctuations in the room temperature and pressure. Germfree Environmental Labs’ experienced HVAC engineers seamlessly integrate properly designed and sized HVAC equipment and controls. This ensures optimal user comfort, energy efficiency and stable operating temperature and pressure.

Germfree modular labs are designed for ease-of-integration into your current operations. This is particularly important for industrial analytical labs, as they must be quickly and effectively integrated into the existing infrastructure. Germfree’s off-site manufacturing minimizes site disruptions at your current facility, mitigating construction stress to your operations and personnel.

Germfree Integrated Modular Laboratories

Our Integrated Modular is a highly innovative approach that provides new laboratory space engineered for your specific technical and architectural requirements. All technical/laboratory areas are fabricated at Germfree and then shipped to your site. Our engineering team concurrently works with your facility managers to coordinate a final exterior building that allows uniformity with your existing architecture.

Additionally the technical/lab space is designed to easily integrate with non-technical areas, such as administrative and office space. Read More.

Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures modular laboratories that serve a wide
range of applications including

Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Chemical Testing and Analysis
  • Contamination Analysis
  • Health and Environmental
  • Industrial Services
  • Energy Sectors

  • Biofuels Testing and Inspection
  • Bunker Fuel Testing
  • Crude Oil Quality Testing
  • Fuel Testing
  • Catalyst Testing Screening and Evaluation
  • Metering and Calibration
  • Pilot Plant Services
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Plant Environmental Monitoring and Safety
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Product Safety
  • Randy Smith Well Control Training
  • Refined Fuels Testing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance
  • Analytical Laboratories
  • Civil Construction and Infrastructure
  • Materials Analysis
  • Please see our full range of Mobile Laboratory Platforms.

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