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Berkshire Custom Biopharmaceutical Isolator for Biopharma

Berkshire Custom Biopharmaceutical Isolator for Biopharma


Biopharmaceutical Isolator


Lee, MA

Streamlined Biopharmaceutical Isolator Solution

Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing needed an isolator with a fast decontamination cycle for small batch filling, while maintaining ISO-5 sterile conditions for their Colanar filling device.
Project features

Size: 8’ isolator

Layout configurations: VHP integrated, multiple air gasket doors, pneumatic lift

Features: Integrated hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle, six gloves on one side

The challenge

Germfree’s challenge was to design and build a custom isolator that met the requirements while incorporating an integrated hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle.

The answer

Our team at Germfree integrated VHP into the chamber and installed multiple air gasket doors to ensure complete sealing of the work area. We installed a pneumatic lift in the work deck that lowered the finished product from the chamber into the airlock for removal. The custom 8-foot isolator was designed with six gloves on one side and a robust touchscreen interface to control all isolator functions.

Germfree’s solution was to design and build a custom 8-foot isolator specifically tailored to Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing’s needs. The isolator’s integrated hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle allowed for a quick turnaround time for filling small batches while maintaining a sterile environment. The isolator was designed with six gloves on one side, providing operators with ample space to work efficiently. The touchscreen interface allowed for easy and precise control of all isolator functions.

Our team also installed a pneumatic lift on the work deck to transfer finished products from the chamber to the airlock. The entire isolator was seamlessly connected to the RABs unit, allowing for streamlined and efficient operation.

The isolator was designed and built from the ground up by our Germfree team and is still used by BSM today, more than three years later. Our solution has enabled BSM to fill small batches in a timely and efficient manner while ensuring the environment remains sterile.

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