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CBRNE Mobile Response Lab Canada

CBRNE Mobile Response Lab Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Forensic mobile response lab

Sample analysis and secure storage, and functional integration with the Microbiology and Chemical Agent Laboratory modules

Ottawa, Ontario

CBRNE forensic mobile response lab: a comprehensive solution for critical sample analysis

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa, Ontario, were looking for a mobile laboratory unit with independent operational capabilities in sample analysis that could also provide secure storage and functional integration with the microbiology and chemical warfare laboratory modules.

The challenge

The challenge in building this type of highly complex containment laboratory is the levels of communication and IT integration required, particularly with respect to the integration of non-secure network connections and a wired or satellite secure network. In addition, Germfree was aware of the critical importance of secure sample transfer between laboratories and physical assets. This would ensure the integrity of the samples and maintain the important chain of custody of the samples.

The answer

Germfree provided a single mobile laboratory unit for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa, Ontario. The unit was engineered to operate independently in sample analysis and secure storage and for full functional integration with the Microbiology and Chemical Agent Laboratory modules. The facility was designed with high-complex containment laboratories that met robust biocontainment standards. The mobile response lab was equipped with state-of-the-art communication and IT integration, including both non-secure network connectivity and a secure network.

Approached by law enforcement for a critical tool in forensic science, Germfree experts designed an optimal mobile response lab, engineered for data and sample security. Germfree conducted a comprehensive validation of the laboratory facility to ensure definitive results. The facility was delivered to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa, Ontario, and helped ensure critical sample analysis and safe handling during forensic investigations. Germfree is proud to have provided a solution that exceeded expectations and that met the unique needs of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

This facility was built using technologies seen in our current mobile biocontainment labs, click here to learn more about our Mobile Biocontainment Labs.

Read about the unique process we used to deliver this forensic mobile response lab and how we can deliver yours.

Learn about our process

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