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Moffitt Custom Mobile Pharmacy Cleanroom

Moffitt Custom Mobile Pharmacy Cleanroom

Moffitt Cancer Center – Oncology Infusion Pharmacy Services


Custom mobile pharmacy cleanroom

Hazardous Drug Compounding


Custom Mobile Pharmacy Cleanroom Trailer for Oncology Infusion Pharmacy Services

The Moffitt Cancer Center's Oncology Infusion Pharmacy Services contacted our expert team for a custom mobile pharmacy project facing unique demands. The trailer was required to have four biological safety cabinets to handle large quantities of chemotherapy treatments and to comply with USP <800> regulations. Additionally, the trailer had to provide a specialty storage room for hazardous drugs.
Project features

Size: 53′ trailer

Layout configurations: Four biological safety cabinets with specialty storage room for hazardous drugs

Facilities/Equipment: Pass-throughs, casework and cold storage

Features: Adaptable layout for surge capacity

The challenge

A busy oncology center required significant renovations to update their existing hospital pharmacy in accordance with new USP <797> and <800> standards. A swing space capable of supporting high throughput operations was essential.

The answer

The primary challenge for Germfree was to develop a workspace capable of accommodating the demands of a high-throughput oncology center while adhering to all regulatory guidelines. The mobile cleanroom was implemented to maintain the compounding of vital, lifesaving medications as the main hospital pharmacy underwent a renovation to meet the new USP <797> and <800> requirements.

Germfree’s team expertly crafted a tailor-made mobile pharmacy trailer to address Moffitt Cancer Center’s oncology infusion pharmacy needs. Equipped with four biological safety cabinets, dedicated hazardous drug storage, and advanced air filtration systems, the trailer meets USP <800> regulations while providing a sterile environment for drug preparation.

Delivered in September 2019, the trailer served as a temporary workspace during main pharmacy renovations. Capable of handling high-volume chemotherapy treatments daily, Germfree’s trailer solution enabled the Moffitt Cancer Center to maintain essential patient services throughout the renovation period. By working closely with the client and understanding their unique requirements, Germfree ensured compliance with all regulatory and safety standards, delivering a solution that satisfied the client’s needs.

This facility was built using our proven mobile compounding pharmacy platform, click here to learn more about our mobile compounding pharmacies.

Product details

53′ custom mobile pharmacy cleanroom trailer outfitted with custom biosafety cabinets to maximize operational efficiency and capacity.


Read about the unique process we used to deliver this project and how we can deliver yours.

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