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Dalton Pharma Custom Isolator for Sterile Lab Process

Dalton Pharma Custom Isolator for Sterile Lab Process



RABS/ custom isolator for sterile lab process

Toronto, Canada

Dalton Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian CDMO came to Germfree with an isolator and RABS Intergration project solution.

To meet Dalton Pharmaceuticals' requirements for a custom RABS/isolator that provides a sterile environment for lab-scale processes using class 1B organic solvents in sizes up to 5 liters, Germfree overcame unique challenges and delivered a custom solution.

Size: up to 5 liters in scale

Layout configurations: RABS for performing the chemical process, RABS for final packaging operation and a Material Airlock (MAL) for moving items into the RABS

The challenge

Germfree partnered with Dalton Pharmaceuticals, Toronto, Canada, in 2015 to design and build a customized, state-of-the-art Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) and Isolator. The purpose of this innovative system was to deliver a sterile environment for lab-scale processes, specifically designed to handle Class 1B organic solvents on a scale of up to 5 liters.

This complex system was meticulously engineered, consisting of three integral sections. The first section, a RABS, was designed for conducting the chemical process. This was complemented by a second RABS dedicated to carrying out the final packaging operation. To ensure seamless transition of items into the RABS, a Material Airlock (MAL) was incorporated into the design. In a testament to Germfree’s commitment to safety and efficiency, all systems operated in a ‘positive pressure mode’ relative to the external environment, ensuring the highest standards of sterility and cleanliness.

Expertly designed and constructed by Germfree in 2015, this sophisticated system was delivered to Dalton Pharmaceuticals’ site in 2016, underlining the company’s ability to deliver high-quality, custom solutions within a challenging time frame.

This project showcases Germfree’s capacity to provide cutting-edge, bespoke solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, underpinning their dedication to innovation, safety, and quality. Their commitment to excellence in the design and delivery of this RABS/Isolator system for Dalton Pharmaceuticals highlights their role as a global leader in the field.

Read about the unique process we used to deliver the Custom Isolator for Sterile Lab Process and how we can deliver yours.

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