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Duke Raleigh Hospital Mobile Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

Duke Raleigh Hospital Mobile Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

Duke Raleigh Hospital

November 2015

Mobile Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Cleanroom Trailer

Sterile and hazardous drug compounding operations

North Carolina, USA

Mobile sterile compounding pharmacy USP 797/800 at Duke Raleigh Cancer Center

Mobile cleanroom for drug compounding during facility renovation, compliant with USP 797 and 800.
Project features

Size: 53′ trailer

Layout configurations: Two ISO 7 buffer rooms, one under positive pressure and another under negative pressure

Facilities/Equipment: Biosafety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, refrigerators and pass-throughs

Features: Designed for cleanability

The challenge

The goal of the project was to create a mobile cleanroom trailer for a sterile compounding pharmacy that adheres to the stringent pharmaceutical standards of USP 797 and 800. The trailer contained two ISO 7 buffer rooms that were separately supplied by ISO 8 anterooms. One buffer room had positive pressure, while the other had negative pressure, specifically for hazardous drug compounding.

The answer

This project was one of the first mobile USP 797/800 trailers deployed by Germfree in 2015. The unit was in place in Raleigh for more than a year. This unit as of April 2023 remains in Germfree’s lease fleet in great condition.

The Germfree team designed and built a state-of-the-art mobile sterile compounding pharmacy to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The trailer featured two ISO 7 buffer rooms independently supplied by antechambers, one with positive pressure and the other with negative pressure. It was built with durable, high-quality materials that ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

The trailer is equipped with all necessary equipment and features, including HEPA filtration systems, airlocks and lighting controls to ensure optimal air quality and environmental conditions. Germfree utilized the latest technology and industry standard practices to ensure the trailer met all regulatory requirements and provided a safe and sterile environment for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Germfree was delighted to be selected to design and build a mobile cleanroom trailer for a sterile compounding pharmacy, which enabled the company to maintain sterile drug compounding operations during the renovation of the main hospital. Germfree worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and design a mobile trailer that met all required regulations and safety standards. The trailer was delivered in February 2015 and has since been used as a safe and sterile environment for drug compounding for many years.

This facility was built using our proven mobile sterile compounding pharmacy platform, click here to learn more about our mobile compounding pharmacies.

How we helped

Germfree’s compounding trailers for pharmacies offer an excellent solution for hospitals looking for swing space during facility renovation to comply with the latest USP 797/800 requirements.


Read about the unique process we used to deliver this project and how we can deliver yours.

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