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Mobile BSL-2 Sprinter Van Lab New Jersey

Mobile BSL-2 Sprinter Van Lab New Jersey


Mobile BSL-2 Sprinter Van Lab

Disease surveillance and testing

New Jersey

Germfree's mobile BSL-2 sprinter van lab brings clinical testing to New Heights in New Jersey

Germfree Laboratories, Inc. faced multiple challenges during the development and building of three BSL-2 mobile laboratories. They had to ensure that the labs were both compact and portable, while also including the necessary equipment and biosafety features for clinical laboratory testing.
Project features

Size: (3) Laboratories on a Sprinter Van chassis

Layout configurations: 3 layout sections

Facilities/Equipment: BSC Class II (exhausted)

Features: BSL 2+

The challenge

Germfree’s experience in designing and manufacturing specialized laboratories allowed the company to provide a customized solution that met the client’s specific requirements.

The answer

The BSL-2 mobile laboratory was designed to meet the stringent requirements of Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2). The lab included a Class II biological safety cabinet (BSC) manufactured by Germfree to provide a safe environment for handling hazardous materials. In addition, the lab included a laboratory refrigerator and a laboratory freezer, both 4 square feet, to store samples and reagents at appropriate temperatures.

Germfree Laboratories, Inc. was contracted to design and build a custom BSL-2 mobile laboratory in New Jersey. The laboratory was built on a platform in a Sprinter van with a high roof that contained two interior rooms and a mechanical room with specialized equipment for clinical laboratory testing.

Overall, Germfree Laboratories, Inc. successfully designed and built a mobile BSL-2 sprinter van lab in New Jersey that provides a safe and efficient environment for clinical laboratory testing.

This facility was built using Germfree’s proven mobile biocontainment labs, click here to learn more about our mobile biocontainment labs.


Read about the unique process we used to deliver this BSL2 sprinter van lab and how we can deliver yours.

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