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Mobile BSL-3 Biocontainment Lab for Infectious Agent Research 

Mobile BSL-3 Biocontainment Lab for Infectious Agent Research 

November 2020

53′ Mobile BSL-3 Biocontainment Lab

Infectious Organism culture, incubation, & isolation.

Northeast United States

Freestanding Covid-19 Research Facility on an Accelerated Timeline

Currently in use for biological research involving infectious agents this mobile BSL-3 biocontainment lab was delivered in November 2020. It is a self contained Mobile BSL3 Laboratory with engineering controls that protect personnel while isolating infectious agents. This facility was built for continuous use in the cold climate of the northeast United States without a shell building.
Project features

Size: 450 sq. ft

Layout configurations: 3 Room

Facilities/Equipment:  2 Class II Type A2 BSC’s,  Computer Workstation  Laboratory Sterilizer, Incubator

Features: Low Wall Returns, HEPA Air Filtration, Seamless Primary Walls, Negative Pressure Work Areas

Additional Services Provided: Commissioning, 3rd Party Validation, Collaboration with CDC for licensing

Our client required a fit for purpose BSL-3 mobile facility in the midst of a global pandemic for infectious organism research. The work involved serious or potentially lethal disease as a result of exposure through inhalation. The biological research involved infectious organisms that were cultured, incubated, and isolated from other site infrastructure creating a truly sealed environment.

Commissioning this facility for use with the CDC was challenging in the midst of a global pandemic however, our experienced commissioning and biosafety officer certification was leveraged for CDC licensing which happened in record time for both the client and the CDC.

This facility was built on Germfree’s proven mobile biocontainment lab platform, click here to learn more about our Mobile Biocontainment Labs.

Mobile BSL-3 Exterior
Mobile BSL-3 Interior

Read about the unique process we used to deliver this Mobile BSL-3 Biocontainment Lab and how we can deliver yours.

Learn about our process

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