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VA Pharmacy Trailer Fleet

VA Pharmacy Trailer Fleet

VA Hospital System

June 2022 (48 Pharmacy Trailers

Temporary Hospital Pharmacy Trailer Fleet

Compliant, Mobile,
Fully Equipped Pharmacy Trailers

> 17 VA Facilities Across 11 States

Mobilizing Compliance: USP 797 and 800 Pharmacy Trailer Fleet for VA Hospitals

VA hospitals across the United States are currently undergoing renovations to bring their pharmacy facilities into compliance with updated USP <797> and <800> requirements. These hospitals need temporary, mobile, and fully equipped USP <797> and <800>-compliant swing spaces to maintain pharmacy operations. They also need flexible sale or lease options and adjustable lease terms to accommodate government budgeting and potential construction delays.
Project features

Size: 53′

Layout configurations: Mobile cleanroom, 5-room layout with both positive and negative pressure ISO-7 compounding cleanroom suites

Facilities/Equipment:  Class II biological safety cabinets, laminar flow workstations, HEPA purge pass-through boxes, all shelving and casework

Features: ISO 7 and 8 cleanroom suites. Hazardous and non-hazardous hospital compounding

The challenge

The challenge was to design and manufacture a fleet of self-sufficient mobile compounding pharmacies fully integrated with the necessary equipment for pharmacy operations.

The answer

The mobile cleanrooms feature a 5-room layout that includes both positive-pressure and negative-pressure ISO 7 cleanroom suites for compounding pharmaceuticals. Turnkey equipment includes class II biological safety cabinets, laminar flow workstations, HEPA purge boxes, and all necessary shelving and enclosures. Each mobile compounding pharmacy undergoes a full factory acceptance test prior to shipment to ensure quality and reliability.

Germfree’s innovative solution led to the development of 48 pharmacy trailers that have been deployed nearly 100 times across the country, including 17 for the VA hospital system. These mobile facilities have helped 17 VA facilities in 11 states maintain pharmacy operations while meeting USP <797> and <800> requirements. In addition, Germfree’s internal team performs preventative maintenance and remote monitoring of field based cleanroom units ensuring seamless support for VA hospitals.

Germfree is extremely proud to serve the hospitals that care for our veterans.

These facilities have all been built on our proven mobile compounding pharmacy platform, click here to learn more about our mobile compounding pharmacies.

Pharmacy Trailer Fleet for VA Hospitals: Gallery

Read about the unique process we used to deliver this project and how we can deliver yours.

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