Clean Air Benches Provide an Ultra-Clean Working Environment

Laminar Flow Hoods provide a sterile working environment. These hoods, also called clean benches, allow for the handling of materials or any critical process that must be protected from outside contamination. The Laminar Flow Hood is continuously bathed with sterile air that is passed through High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, usually referred to as HEPA filters.

Laminar Flow Hoods offer a high level of localized control for critical processes or products. This is achieved by providing individual streams of positive pressure, HEPA-filtered air in a unidirectional manner. The delivery of laminar flow air along parallel lines minimizes turbulence within the work area of the hood.

The Laminar Flow Hood is utilized across a range of industries for applications that require an ultra-clean work environment. In laboratory settings, they provide the proper sterile work area for many types of laboratory devices. Laminar Flow Hoods are also used to prevent contamination of samples in PCR applications. In hospital and healthcare pharmacies, these clean benches are installed for the preparation of sterile IV solutions.

Laminar Flow Hoods are designed to provide either a horizontal or vertical airflow configuration. The type of unitselected is based on the work being conducted and the available space in the facility. For example, many hospital pharmacies utilize Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods to maximize the work area for use with compounding equipment.

The effectiveness of a Laminar Flow Hood is determined by many factors which include: a well-engineered cabinet and air handling system; ergonomic design for ease of operation and user comfort; fabrication from materials that are durable and easy to clean, typically all-welded stainless steel; high quality HEPA filters that meet the level of filtration required for the application. Many applications call for Laminar Flow Hoods that provide ISO 5/Class 100 HEPA-filtered air which removes organisms and particulates 0.3 micron in size with an efficiency of 99.99%.

For further details on our complete lines of Laminar Flow Hoods for laboratory applications please visit our Laminar Flow Workstations and PCR Cabinets section. For hospital and healthcare pharmacy applications please visit our Laminar Flow Hoods section.

Important Safety Reminder regarding : These units do NOT function as Biological Safety Cabinets. For applications that require protection for personnel and the environment please see our Laboratory Equipment section.

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