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Germfree was founded in 1962 by Jerome Landy, M.D., Ph.D in Miami, Florida. Throughout the following decades, the company continued to grow and expand its product lines, becoming a worldwide exporter.


Manufacturing Across Industries



A World War II veteran and skilled surgeon, Jerome J. Landy, M.D., Ph.D turned to invention when he could not find the proper equipment to conduct his research. His studies on contamination control led him to the field of gnotobiotic, or germ-free, research (and thus the company name).

The isolators that Dr. Landy created were originally used for containment and surgery on patients with compromised immune systems. Eventually, he would use these innovations to create containment devices for applications ranging from fighting infections to decontaminating moon rocks.


Creating Environments

Laminar Flow

By the 1970s Dr. Landy had established Germfree as a major manufacturer of laminar flow and containment equipment to the hospital pharmacy and biocontainment industries. In 1978 he received a patent for a “total exhaust laminar flow biological fume hood safety cabinet”. Throughout the following decades, the company continued to grow and expand its product line, soon becoming a worldwide exporter.

More Generations to Come

During the 1980s, Keith Landy, one of Dr. Landy’s three sons, became Vice President of Germfree. Keith, a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, had spent his entire life around his father’s company. Craig Landy, Keith’s brother, also played critical roles throughout the company’s history. Together, the father and his sons grew Germfree to the point where their production facility in Miami became too small to meet the needs of a growing client base.


Dr. Landy’s retirement in the early 2000s coincided with the decision to relocate Germfree to Ormond Beach, Florida and a much larger and more modern headquarters. With Keith now at the helm, Germfree expanded its product line into mobile and modular cleanroom and containment facilities. Meanwhile, Craig delivered marketing and PR expertise that helped get Germfree in front of customers in new markets and industries, further expanding Germfree’s globe and industry-spanning presence.



In the 2000s, Germfree mobile and modular facilities were used in the research and development of new therapeutics and drug products, to provide patients with lifesaving medications, for disease surveillance and response, and to deliver rapid onsite diagnosis and testing of samples. Germfree facilities have been used by our Expert-Clients for critical applications around the globe.

Jerome J. Landy, M.D., Ph.D and his son Keith took a family business and grew it to become a global manufacturing company, known across industries and continents. As Germfree continues to grow, so does the legacy of our founder and his son: their collective vision of curiosity and innovation remains the guiding light for everything that we do.

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