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Monica Heyl

“In that I am currently attending the 5th Annual National Bio-Threat Conference (27-29 March 2012, Denver, Colorado); it is quite timely to hear that Germfree Laboratories, Inc. has worked with the Mexican Government on the development of their mobile public health laboratory. Global collaboration is essential in strengthening the security of nations by preventing and reducing biological threat(s), both deliberate and naturally occurring. In that Mexico and the US share almost 2000 miles of border, we are deeply connected. Providing Mexico with this public health capability contributes to our global capacity in health, disease surveillance, early warning, response, recovery and mitigation by providing one more tool in protecting the health of our world.”

Monica Heyl: Recognized International Mobile Laboratory Expert. Served as the Leader of the US Army’s Mobile Laboratory & Kits (ML&K) Team and the Advanced CBRNE Training Team. Currently: Monica Heyl & Associates

Olga Piña Gutiérrez

“This mobile laboratory is a significant advancement for public health, providing early surveillance of potential outbreaks.”

Quim. Olga Piña Gutiérrez: Director, Tabasco State Public Health Laboratory

Dr. Celia Alpuche Aranda

[Translated from Spanish text]

“This unit provides mobile epidemiological surveillance for our state public health labs, now allowing them to access difficult areas when there is a disaster or outbreak. The lab is a new tool to optimize sample collection and on-site management, and in many cases a diagnosis, right on the spot where the problem is occurring.”

“This laboratory is the first in Mexico and Latin America that provides this level of biosafety and biosecurity in a mobile unit.”

“This lab allows us to work in the flood zones to more rapidly assess the situation. It gives us the ability to diagnose diseases such as Cholera, Enterobacteriaceae, influenza, dengue, Leptospira, Rickettsia and Hepatitis A.”

“Producing more timely and better quality laboratory information for epidemiological intelligence gives us a much better response for controlling these problems.”

Dr. Celia Alpuche Aranda: Director, InDRE (Instituto de Diagnóstico y Referencia Epidemiológicos). InDRE is the federal agency in Mexico that is the counterpart to the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).

Dr. Steve Jones

“This new mobile laboratory represents a significant improvement to the regional contribution to global health security. The lab enables the community to quickly and effectively respond to large outbreaks of infectious disease in a manner that will greatly reduce their impact both locally and internationally. The region has to contend annually with very severe weather conditions that exacerbate natural disease outbreaks making reliance on fixed laboratories unfeasible. This lab will put cutting-edge diagnostic capability directly into the outbreak zone. The turn-around time for critical results will be slashed and the public health system will have reliable, high quality data which is essential for critical decisions in a public health emergency.”

Dr. Steven Jones: Former Director, Counter Bio-Terrorism Operations for the Public Health Agency of Canada at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and G8/G20 Summits. Currently: President, Cognoveritas Consulting

Keith Landy

“This mobile bio-containment lab provides a completely unique approach to early, on-site detection of potential epidemics. When there’s an outbreak in a remote area it is critical to quickly identify the pathogen so that effective public health measures can be implemented.

There are major advantages to deploying the lab directly to the affected region versus transporting hazardous samples over long distances to a fixed-site facility. Our lab allows personnel to respond to an outbreak of disease directly at the source saving crucial time.

Accelerated, on-site risk assessment is an innovative modality that enables public health and government officials to more effectively manage a natural disease outbreak.”

Keith Landy: President, Germfree Labs


Germfree is a manufacturer based in Ormond Beach, Florida, US, that provides bio-containment solutions in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific Rim and the Americas. Germfree, established in 1962, has mobile and modular Labs in service worldwide for a range of public health, research and emergency preparedness missions. The company’s mobile units are also deployed for high profile events such as the Olympics and G8/G20 summits.

Sustainable Labs – Matching Local Resources: Germfree manufactures advanced bio-containment laboratories that are designed to meet the requirements of regions with limited utilities and infrastructure or severe environments.

Global Health Partnerships: Germfree’s also develops technology in cooperation with global health partnerships. These include: The Global Laboratory Initiative Group/Stop TB Partnership, WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

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