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Germfree builds advanced containment laboratories into the mobile platform of your choice. Germfree Mobile Labs enhance existing laboratory operations by providing emergency preparedness options, rapid response to outbreaks and other hazardous events as well as giving you maximum flexibility of operations.

In response to the growing need to bring laboratory capabilities to the field for fast, on-site diagnostics and sustainable laboratory capabilities, Germfree, in partnership with the US Army, pioneered the design and deployment of mobile containment laboratories.

Germfree Mobile Labs offer comprehensive laboratory capabilities (up to BSL-3). They are often deployed to provide rapid on-site sample triage, screening and presumptive diagnostic capabilities to prioritize samples being sent to national reference labs.

Our Mobile Labs can be moved easily. They are rapidly deployable and frequently used in incident investigation (i.e. suspicious materials), military and civil preparedness applications. When not deployed, the laboratory can be operated via landline connections and stationed at the main laboratory. This provides a platform for diagnostic training programs as well as laboratory surge capacity for the main lab.

Originally built for defense missions, Mobile Laboratories increasingly support a diverse range of other applications including Public Health Laboratories, Environmental Agencies, All Hazard Receipt Facilities, Departments of Agriculture and Veterinary Health, First Responders, Law Enforcement and other Security Agencies. Germfree Mobile units are also used for CBRNe/NBC (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) sampling and analysis at high profile events such as International Summits, Inaugurations and the Olympics. Germfree Mobile Laboratories play a vital role in public health and national security by enabling a rapid response to natural and accidental outbreaks of disease and potential terrorist threats.

Germfree builds Mobile Laboratories in a variety of platforms including Vans, Trucks, Trailers, and Mobile Container Labs to accommodate the need for biosafety and high containment up to Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) / P3 for a range of missions, applications and local conditions. Germfree’s Mobile Labs also meet the rigorous demands of a Laboratory Airlift.

Germfree builds labs that are mobile and can be placed in the platform of your choice. Some companies that specialize in motor vehicles try to fit third party laboratory equipment inside their vehicles. These automotive companies do not have the highly specialized experience in bio-containment required to make the containment systems operate effectively. Germfree has nearly 5 decades of bio-containment, manufacturing and engineering experience including HVAC systems for BSL-3 laboratories. We continue to leverage our experience in the development of innovative approaches to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We have more than 15 years experience in making labs mobile by configuring vehicles for the proper integration of laboratory equipment.

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