CSE Series

CSE Series: Powder Containment & Powder Weighing Hoods
Germfree’s CSE Series of Compounding Safety Enclosures provide maximum user protection. These Powder Containment & Powder Weighing Hoods protect the operator while weighing and transferring non-sterile powders and compounds. Germfree CSE units provide a main work area with large hinged windows for the easy ingress and egress of large equipment.

Pre-filters are located above the work area and swing down for easy replacement. The pre-filters aid in extending the life of the HEPA filter by removing large particles. The CSE draws air below the sash opening and up through the filter, washing particulate laden air away from the user.

Germfree’s Powder Safety Enclosures are constructed from high quality stainless steel and acrylic. The stainless steel surfaces inside the hood are impervious to most chemicals and are easily cleaned. The CSE is a reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective solution for safely working with powders.

Inward air velocity is measured across the sash of the opening and is set to 50-70 fpm for personnel protection. This velocity range is chosen to minimize air turbulence in the work area. The airflow pattern passes directly through the unit with a constant wash of air across the workdeck. The inward face velocity meets all requirements for a Class I Biological Safety Cabinet as defined in the CDC-NIH BMBL 5th Edition. All exhausted air is HEPA filtered removing particulates at an efficiency of 99.99% for 0.3 micron particle size and is vented into the room, providing environmental protection.

Overall Dimensions:

Single Sided Workstations:
CSES-3SS: 34″ wide ・ 29″ deep ・ 32 ½” high CSES-4SS: 46″ wide ・ 33″ deep ・ 32 ½” high CSES-6SS: 70″ wide ・ 33″ deep ・ 32 ½” high

Double Sided Workstations:
CSED-4SS: 46″ wide ・ 46″ deep ・ 32 ½” high CSED-6SS: 70″ wide ・ 46″ deep ・ 32 ½” high

Work Area Dimensions:
Single Sided Workstations: CSES-3SS: 30″ wide ・ 29″ deep ・ 23″ high CSES-4SS: 43″ wide ・ 33″ deep ・ 23″ high CSES-6SS: 67″ wide ・ 33″ deep ・ 23″ high

Double Sided Workstations:
CSED-4SS: 43″ wide ・ 46″ deep ・ 23″ high CSED-6SS: 67″ wide ・ 46″ deep ・ 23″ high
  • Choose your Setup:
    • Height adjustable removable workdeck
    • Height adjustable stand
    • Fixed stand
    • Countertop
    • Vibration Free Workdeck (HEPA component is externally placed to reduce vibration, can be easily leak-tested and is configured for easy certification)

    • Separate lighted power ON/OFF indicator switches for blower and lighting
    • 115V, 60Hz (220V, 50-60Hz also available)
    • Ten foot power cord with molded, grounded plug
  • Additional Features:
    • Pharmaceutical grade stainless steel construction
    • Gas shock front window lift (option)
    • External fluorescent lighting
    • Large hinged window(s)
    • Magnehelic gauge (differential pressure)
    • Slanted front window
    • Swing down prefilter assembly

    Germfree’s Powder Containment & Powder Weighing Hoods Feature:
    • All Stainless Steel Construction to facilitate easy cleaning and provide durability
    • Single-sided and double-sided; 3ft., 4ft. and 6 ft. full-width work areas
    • Advanced Ergonomics
    • Optional Redundant HEPA Filtration System (Ventilated Enclosure Only)

    Stainless Steel Stand 30″ or 36″ High in 3′, 4′, and 6′ widths


    integrated stand

    Welded Square Tube Stainless Steel Stand with Electric Hydraulic Height Adjustment 30″ to 39″ in 3′, 4′, and 6′ widths


    Stainless Steel Table


    Bin Cart


    Duplex Electrical Outlet Installed In Work Area

    duplex outlet

    Stopcock for Air, Gas or Vacuum


    Stand Casters, 2 Locking welded to stand


    Sealed Data Port – Passage of 4 cables possible with individual adjustable diameters between 0.16″- 01/27″

    data port

    Powder Containment Hood Diagrams CSES-3SS: CSES-3SS CSES-4SS: CSES-4SS CSES-6SS: CSES-6SS CSED-4SS: CSED-4SS CSED-6SS: CSED-6SS  CSE Airflow: CSE-Airflow-diagram


    These Powder Containment & Powder Weighing Hoods protect the operator while weighing and transferring non-sterile powders and compounds

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